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When she learn the script for The Wolf of Wall Street for the primary time, Margot Robbie discovered Naomi Lapaglia ‘one-dimensional’

Marina Sakai (below the supervision of Yolanda Reis) Published on 05/08/2021 at 19h11

Margot Robbie participated within the first movie of his profession in 2008 — performed Cassandra in Watchful on the age of 18. The actress actually reached new heights, nonetheless, when she labored in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), as Naomi Lapaglia, his first distinguished function, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort and directed by Martin Scorsese. When he obtained the script, nonetheless, Robbie didn’t fall in love with the character in accordance with info from the Cheat Sheet.

Sometimes actors and their roles are usually not fully appropriate at first, however be taught to develop it all through filming. Towards Robbie, Lapaglia appeared very one-dimensional. “The first version of the script seemed very robotic. I thought, ‘She’s a self-interest, very shallow. It didn’t seem much deeper than that,” the actress stated in an interview transcribed by IndieWire.

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After the beginning of filming, Robbie started to work and develop the character and adjusted his thoughts. Finally, he understood the complexities of Lapaglia and felt empathy for the spouse of Belfort. “As we work on it, we understand relationships and it has become multifaceted,” he stated.

Robbie additionally regarded on the character’s relationship with Belfort a United States inventory dealer. “It was a complex marriage. They had kids over those years. She got caught in the whirlwind and all right, liked the lifestyle. But when it ended and coincided with his drug addiction, it became a problem.” The actress defined how, from this, Lapaglia discovered totally different priorities.

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The actress additionally had the chance to satisfy Nadine Caridi, the lady by which Naomi Lapagli was impressed. This additionally helped her perceive the complexity and depth of the character —on the finish of filming The Wolf of Wall Street, Robbie was satisfied and ended up connected to the function.

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