Salma Hayek did not reveal harassment to Penelope Cruz to ‘protect her’

Salma Hayek stated she didn’t reveal the harassment she suffered from Harvey Weinstein to her pal Penelope Cruz. The 54-year-old actress accused American movie producer Harvey Weinstein of harassment and risk in 2017. In an interview with the Sunday Times’ type journal, Hayek acknowledged that he didn’t report back to Cruz the episodes of aggression and coerce, which occurred in the course of the filming of the movie “Frida” in 2002, with the intention of defending her.

“Some people were very angry with me, like Penelope, but I was protecting her. I kept an eye on their interactions and he never went after her. [A produtora de Weinstein, Miramax] was making the best movies. She didn’t have my problem, and if I said it, it would have affected her choices in things that would be good for her career,” he stated.

The actress made public her accusations towards the leisure mogul in an article revealed within the New York Times titled “Harvey Weinstein is also my monster.” In the interview, Hayek additionally informed how was the method of writing the textual content.

“Before I wrote the article, I thought I had survived it brilliantly and it was already over. To the point of being able to see him and smile and pretend that everything was fine. I held on, I was too strong. He didn’t get what he wanted from me and I made the film that was so important, so meaningful to me, to my kind, and when I say my kind I don’t mean just mexicans. I mean my kind of woman,” he stated. “Frida is a woman who said, ‘I am not a woman who will be like any other, I will fight for my individuality,'” he continued.

Hayek, nonetheless, stated his relationship with what occurred modified rapidly.

“Suddenly, the trauma came back. I thought I was completely cured, but I was just hiding. He came back out of nowhere, and it took me a long time to understand how I had to deal with it,” he concluded.

Currently, former Hollywood producer Harvey Westein is serving a 23-year jail sentence for rape and sexual harassment circumstances.