Allied to false delegate, PMs are arrested after shooting at accused of bitcoin pyramid

Soldiers Claudemir Alves and Ricardo da Mota were with a man who denounced that he suffered a coup and posed as a police officer to capture a businessman in Atibaia (SP)

Eneas Tomaz’s gray BMW hit by shots reportedly fired by two PMs | Photo: personal archive

Soldiers Claudemir Bomfim Alves, 37, and Ricardo Botelho da Mota, 29, were arrested along with two men for shooting into the car of businessman Eneas de Lima Tomaz, 35, accused of a financial pyramid and wanted since October 2020, when it was opened a warrant for his arrest. The arrest of the five took place on Sunday (8/8) in Atibaia, a city in the interior of São Paulo.

According to the police report, the group was arrested in the act by road military police officers Rangel Gomes and Alessandro Rizzardi. The two said they were informed that an employee of the Hotel Tauá was requesting assistance because at the door there would be a Toyota Filder vehicle without any characterization of a vehicle whose occupants identified themselves as police officers and that they wanted to enter the establishment to arrest a guest.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Gomes and Rizzardi state that they learned that the guest had left the place in a BMW and that he was followed by two cars: the Toyota Filder and a white Onyx, which were shooting at the BMW, traveling along a road vicinal (without asphalt).

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The duo says that they saw the BMW near D. Pedro I Highway, inside a rural property, from which Eneas descended saying they were trying to kill him and that they were armed, pointing to an approaching man, who would be Claudemir, that he was in plain clothes and carrying a .40 pistol, for the exclusive use of the public security forces. According to highway officers, the weapon was hot, a sign that it had been used recently. The businessman confirmed that he had an open arrest warrant with him for a financial crime.

Then came Felipe de Souza Torresi, 26, who would have identified himself as a police chief. The officers said that when applying for a functional identification card, Torresi presented a “federal human rights delegate” card, who was trying to intercede and said he was investigating the case. Private Ricardo Botelho da Mota, who also approached, was detained with a Glock pistol from the corporation and a private revolver, as was another man, Felipe Alves de Jesus, 26.

According to the record, Torresi and the two PMs would be in the Toyota Filder while Alves de Jesus was driving the Onyx, which had collision marks close to where the other vehicle was.

Torresi said, at the Atibaia Police Station, that he was the victim of a financial scam committed by Eneas and that he had seen on Instagram that he would stay at that hotel, having arranged with Alves de Jesus to stay at the establishment to monitor him.

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Eneas said, according to the police report, that he realized that he was being monitored and photographed and that, therefore, he decided to leave the hotel and meet the family in a restaurant near the highway, but he was followed by the two vehicles and that more than two vehicles were fired. 22 shots towards him, but he ended up not getting hit because his BMW is armored.

Two spreaders were also seized, one from the corporation, and tear ammunition, elastomers and magazines for a .40 pistol with Claudemir; .40 pistol loaders, which belong to the São Paulo Military Police, and a 38-caliber revolver with Ricardo. Cell phones from the five, as well as a notebook from Eneas were also collected.

Chief Sebastião Alves de Oliveira indicted the four of them for attempted murder and false identity. As for Eneas, the arrest warrant was carried out and sent, along with Torresi and Alves de Jesus, to the Public Prison of Piracaia, in the neighboring municipality. The soldiers were taken to the Romão Gomes Military Prison, in the capital. The vehicles were inspected and sent to the municipal yard.

Financial pyramid

In October 2020, the São Paulo Court of Justice accepted the complaint and the request for preventive detention by the 5th Public Prosecutor of Barueri against Eneas and three other men accused of embezzlement and criminal organization. At least 10 people, including Felipe Torresi, reported to the city’s police station that Eneas and another businessman were presenting themselves, in February 2019, as partners in a company called Arbcrypto, which would be specialized in investments and fundraising for operations with cryptocurrencies. would generate, through the website, a bank account in dollars for the investor in a “virtual office”. The promise, according to them, would be a return of up to 2.5% and the funds should be deposited in Rickinvest company bank accounts.

In addition, they denounce that prizes were offered, such as cars, which were never delivered, if customers invited new people to participate. One of the accused businessmen would be responsible for the transaction. Since August of that year, victims have claimed that they did not receive the promised amounts and that there were signs that it was a financial pyramid scheme, a fraudulent scheme in which a person pays a fee and has to invite new people to participate in order to obtain earnings.

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To the Civil Police, a developer of the company’s website platform said that 50 thousand people had been registered, with revenues exceeding 10 million dollars. The Court also ordered the blocking of assets and breach of bank secrecy of the accused. The process continues in secrecy of justice.

Eneas and another businessman also respond to a lawsuit for a similar situation in the District of Ribeirão Preto.

The report tried to contact lawyers Heraclito Antonio Mossin, Paulo Martins Cason and Julio Cesar de Oliveira Guimarães Mossin, who appear as representatives of Eneas in requests for habeas corpus, by telephone available in the register of the OAB (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil) and and e-mail from the law firm they work with, but we had no response.

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We looked for the office that appears representing Felipe Terrosi in the Eneas process, but there was no return either. We have not located defenders of Felipe Alves de Jesus.

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THE bridge he sought the advice of the Public Security Secretariat and the Military Police regarding the case and is awaiting an answer