“I invested in Bitcoin and became a millionaire”

Country music singer Naiara Azevedo was surprised on SBT’s The Noite program by a woman who claimed to be the lover who inspired the single “50 Reais”. To Naiara, the woman said that she invested the money in Bitcoin and became a millionaire.

Jokingly, the guest of the program thanked the singer for having contributed to her becoming a millionaire investor.

Betrayal became a hit song

Naiara Azevedo gained fame and success with the song “50 Reais”. In the song, she tells how she caught her boyfriend at the motel with another woman and gave him R$50 to pay for the show.

As stated by the singer, the hit released in 2016 is inspired by a true story. The true case happened in 2010 when she dated a guy and found out she was being cheated on.

“I don’t know if I hit her in the face or hit you. But I didn’t come to disturb your night of pleasure. And to help pay the lady who satisfies you. Take around 50 reais here”, says an excerpt of the song.

The song was a national success, being among the most played hits on Brazilian radio, as well as being included in the Top 100 of the most viewed videos on YouTube worldwide.

50 Reais in Bitcoin

During an appearance in the “Arquivo Desconfidencial” (Disconfidential File), on the Danilo Gentili show, the singer watched a video sent by the alleged woman with whom her boyfriend cheated on her.

She told Naiara that she was happy to be a part of her success. In addition, he stated that the singer also helped to make her a millionaire. That’s because she would have invested those 50 reais in Bitcoin and profited a lot on the rise:

“Hi Naiara, remember me? I am the woman who was at the motel with her husband. The one for 50 reais, remember? I am very happy to be part of your success and I would like you to know that you are also part of mine. I invested the 50 reais in Bitcoin and made millions on the rise. Today I am a millionaire mega-investor, thanks to you”, says the woman.

The singer burst out laughing after the statement, as well as the entire audience of the program. However, this was all a joke. The alleged lover is actually the actress and comedian Priscila Castello Branco.

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