In July, 12% of Bitcoin Market users traded AXS, an Axie Infinity token – Money Times

Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) is the governance token of the Axie Infinity game, that is, it unites members of the game community, as well as granting voting rights (Image: Axie Infinity)

THE trading platform of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Market which recently became the first crypto “unicorn” in Brazil (valued at US$2.1 billion), released its monthly result for July.

AXS, O token from the blockchain game axie infinity, was the second most traded asset on the platform, with 12.19% of operations, losing only to the bitcoin (BTC), with an 18.94% share.

Interest in AXS can be gauged by the rise of 678.5% in July — compared to last month, whose token operations were only 0.19% — ending the month quoted at R$ 213.90.

Bitcoin already reached R$ 216,466, after appreciating 25.78%. The third most traded cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin Market was the ether (ETH), with 10.21% of operations.

In a press release released with the Crypto Times, Fabricio Tota, director of new business at the Bitcoin Market, explained:

Axie Infinity’s trading volume has kept pace with the growing interest in the game around the world, as users can actually earn money while playing. In a year, the market cap of the currency jumped from a few million dollars to over $2.5 billion.

Axie Infinity game surpasses weekly volume
of the NBA Top Shot

O AXS token big difference, created in November of last year, is that its blockchain game allows users to earn money by playing — “play to earn, as developers say.

Like Pokémon, Axie Infinity also has “cute monsters” that are created, traded and sent into battle by players. Another feature is that the little monsters can also be immortalized as unique tokens.

In the number of transactions carried out by customers, the Bitcoin Market recorded an increase of almost three times in July (2.4 million) compared to July 2020 (863 thousand transactions).

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