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The actress is again within the position of Arlequina in dc’s new movie, Suicide Squad.

Margot Robbie is one among hollywood’s most admired actresses and has starred in a number of profitable movies lately, akin to The Wolf of Wall Street, Once And Again… Hollywood, The Scandal and the most recent The Suicide Squad. In a latest interview for the British newspaper The Sun, she revealed to have executed a casting check for a doped movie, underneath the impact of painkillers.

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At 31 and already with two Academy Award nominations in his profession, the star mentioned: “Tests terrify me, I get nervous, even when I know I’m going to get the part. I still get very nervous, I find the tests really scary.” Soon after, she recalled a case that marked her life as an actress, “Oh my God, I auditioned terrible once. It’s a long story,” he joked.

“In America, obviously, the name of the drugs is different than they are in Australia,” Robbie mentioned.” I had a little surgery the day before a big test for which I really wanted the part, and I was in a lot of pain. I was at my friend’s house and he had just had a canal treatment. I was like, ‘I’m in a lot of pain, but I have this test tomorrow.’ And he said, ‘Well, I have painkillers from the canal. Take it as soon as you wake up, before the test, and you’ll be fine. And I said, ‘okay, thank you,'” the actress continued.

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The subsequent day, he provided two drugs to the actress, who ended up taking it , “he said, ‘Here, take two.’ And when he said, ‘Take two,’ I thought he’d normally take two as a dosage, but actually he meant to take two in case I needed another one later,” he recalled.

“Anyway, I woke up and was getting ready for this test, I didn’t have time to have breakfast, so on an empty stomach, I had two. I’m driving and halfway through I was suddenly like, ‘Oh my God, what a beautiful day it is!’ I put my hand out the window. I was high. It was a horrible test, I’m sure!” mentioned the actress.

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The identical day, the actress nonetheless needed to take the check to get her driver’s license within the United States, “I was going to my driving test right after to get my American driver’s license and I thought, ‘I’m not okay, I can’t take the driving test’. Luckily, my friend worked at Sony, where I was taking the test, and I ran into her office and said, ‘Can you give me food or something? I think I’m high. I’m not sure, but I think I’m high, help me.’ It was hilarious,” Robbie added.

Recently, the actress said that she now not meant to play Arlequina in theaters and when questioned by the The Sun on the topic, she defined the rationale: “I loved playing Harley again. I miss her when I’m not playing her, I get exhausted when I’m playing her, but I’m always looking forward to doing it again.” Finally, Robbie concluded, “So it was so nice to be back on set and be Harley again. I definitely feel like she becomes second nature, she kind of takes control at some point and I go into autopilot and she does what she has to do.”