Saweetie says she finished her debut album “Pretty B*tch Music”

The first album of Saweetie will be launched at any time. The American rapper revealed that she has completed her debut mission in Paris, France, and desires to make sure that all the pieces “is perfect”. In an interview with Hollywood Life, the proprietor of the hit “Best Friend” appears happy with “Pretty B*tch Music”, because it was titled:

“I went to Paris to finish my album and now I’m just living with it to make sure it’s perfect. A new album is something serious. I need to know that when I release this son of mine, because as artists we feel that our products are our babies, no matter what they say, I’ll know it’s my best work. I’m really challenging myself and I just want to make sure I launch a body of work that will symbolize art,”” Saweetie mentioned.

In an interview with POPline in March this yr, the rapper mentioned she supposed to launch the mission later within the northern hemisphere summer season, which ends in September.

Saweetie Pirelli Calendar. Photo: Disclosure

Album with feats.

The artist, who was finest identified for her 2017 single “ICY GIRL”, revealed in an interview with Vulture that she has songs recorded with Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, Lizzo, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and Kirk Franklin. The final three in a single gospel observe. Saweetie additionally mentioned she is engaged on a secret mission with Cher and that the pop veteran helped her along with her album. “She gave me a lot of wisdom, and it really made me want to reflect and go back to my album and find out what kind of artist I’ll be. She inspired me.”

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