US Bitcoin ATM Company Requests Registration in Brazil

A company that produces Bitcoin ATMs, registered in the United States, has applied for trademark registration in Brazil.

In the United States, CoinFlip is registered in Arkansas, regulated as a company of GPD Holdings LLC. In the world, the company registered a great growth after starting its manufactures of ATMs, which for many people is an affordable way to buy Bitcoin.

CoinFlip equipment accept credit card, bank transfer and even cash for the purchase of Bitcoin. Neil Patrick Harris, the famous “Barney Stinson” from the series How I Met Your Mother is the company’s poster boy.

Will the Bitcoin ATM company arrive in Brazil?

A company’s trademark registration in a country indicates that it intends to work in that market. As a legal financial company in the United States, CoinFlip may arrive in Brazil soon.

The registration requested from the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) was a Product/Service Mark, which may also show that the company is only reserving its identity for a future arrival in the country.

Anyway, the INPI published only the formal examination of CoinFlip’s request, which does not confer the definitive registration decision on the company.

According to a survey by Livecoins on the INPI website this Tuesday (10), registration is waiting for a 60-day period for opposition.

CoinFlip's trademark registration is still awaiting deadline for opposition
CoinFlip’s trademark registration is still awaiting deadline for opposition/INPI

Neil Patrick Harris renewed his contract with the company last week

Actor Neil Patrick Harris became the brand’s poster boy in 2021, recording a video to advertise the equipment. In the content, he talks about the advantages of buying with CoinFlip equipment and ends by saying that cryptocurrencies are cool.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the dollar bill has risen to the next level”.

But the promising partnership between the “Barney Stinson” of the series “How I Met Your Mother” was renewed last week. According to an Instagram post, which has 8.6 million followers, Neil said he will stay with the company a little longer and even conducted a R$15,000 Bitcoin airdrop for US residents only.

Finally, it is worth noting that buying Bitcoin through ATMs can be easy and promising for many people, but it can put the buyer’s identity at risk. Even so, the possible arrival of another company in this sector in the country is interesting, since there is not much equipment of this type in Brazil.

According to CoinATMRadar, for example, Brazil has only 10 Bitcoin ATMs, 4 in São Paulo, 2 in Rio de Janeiro and 1 in the cities: Curitiba, Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Belo Horizonte and the last one in Campo Grande, from Canadian company BitAccess.