Bitcoin remains strong at $45,000, but other cryptocurrencies soar

The Bitcoin (BTC) market remains strong in the US$ 45,000 zone, quoted on Wednesday (11) at US$ 45,933.43. In reais, the price corresponds to R$ 238,429.84, after an increase of 1.37%.

In this positive scenario for the BTC, the other cryptocurrencies are showing considerable gains this morning. Only Cardano (ADA) jumped 11% in the last 24 hours.

Binance Coin (BNB), in turn, also exhibits considerable gains of 7.54%. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) grew 2.39% in the same period.

Bitcoin Chart (BTC)

Altcoins wake up

XRP advanced 4.48% in the ‘awakening of altcoins’, while Dogecoin gained 4.72% in the same period. Polkadot, in turn, appreciated 2.53%.

Chainlink and Stellar show respective valuations of 6.14% and 3.79%. The MATIC token had the most expressive appreciation among the 20 largest cryptocurrencies in market value, jumping 17.32%.

The ICP, which exhibited valuations since Monday (9), was the only cryptoactive that did not follow the others when it slipped 4.99%. Uniswap and Solana, the group’s exchange tokens, show gains of 2.16% and 3.75%, respectively.

Bitcoin hard forks, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, are also showing good performances this Wednesday. Their valuations were, respectively, 3.40% and 3.84%.

Ending the top 20 valuations, the Ethereum Classic shows a positive variation of 2.76%. With the various valuations, the total value of the cryptocurrency market rises 2.89% this morning, totaling R$9.8 trillion.

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