Brazilian buys R$ 100 in Bitcoin every month, see the result

the brazilian Huberto Leal created a project to purchase Bitcoin monthly with contributions of R$ 100.00. Its first purchase was in October 2019 and since then there have been 23 acquisitions on the market.

The story turned out to be complicated at first, as he got to know Bitcoin in late 2017. At that time, he attended a debate with Fernando Ulrich, where he first heard about the internet’s digital currency.

The price of Bitcoin in the market was at an all-time high and soon plummeted. Huberto’s first investments then came at an uncool time, but he insisted on learning more about the currency’s fundamentals.

After studying hard, in the midst of the longest period of market declines that was even known as the “crypto winter”, Huberto identified an opportunity in the market.

Huberto Leal
Huberto Leal

Buy BRL 100.00 in Bitcoin every day 10

Between unsuccessful trades in the market and investments in income platforms, Huberto had a beginning of stumbling. But when looking to read his experience with the market, he identified that if he had only bought and kept his Bitcoins, he would have a great profit in the market.

So, he created a spreadsheet to record his contributions, setting as a goal to buy R$ 100.00 every 10th of each month. This symbolic value was chosen at random, guaranteed the investor in a conversation with Livecoins, but the date was not so much.

As he shared his spreadsheet with friends, he figured that on the 10th most people have already received their wages and can buy on that day. The goal of establishing a purchase milestone is important to your strategy, says Huberto, who doesn’t even look at the price of the day, he simply buys.

“This strategy relaxed me to not worry about Bitcoin graphics and prices anymore, giving freedom to do other things”

This Tuesday (10), for example, he made his contribution number 23, counting then with a market appreciation of 281% since the beginning. If the total contribution was R$ 2,300.00 until today, but due to the rise of Bitcoin, he already has R$ 8,798.59. His experiment was named “Hold BTC 100 Project“.

Today the Brazilian’s hold project is open to the market, which can get a copy of the spreadsheet on Google Drive and start shopping. However, the Brazilian enthusiast remembers that the purchase can be made whenever people want, not necessarily on the 10th or R$ 100.00.

Many who downloaded the spreadsheet have registered up to more than one purchase per month, recalled Leal.

“I found myself more libertarian than I imagined and a convinced maximalist”

Without the need to dedicate his time to graphics and risky market operations, Huberto Leal guarantees that he is increasingly happy to know Bitcoin. Taking advantage of his time to get to know the fundamentals of digital currency, he says he learned a lot and this gives him confidence to keep his project going for longer.

After getting to know the Bitcoin philosophy, the Brazilian even claims that he found himself more libertarian than he imagined, in addition to seeing himself as a convinced maximalist holder, by understanding more of this market.

“I fell in love with Bitcoin, for all the fundamentals, I found myself a more libertarian guy than I imagined, I found myself a guy who wants to defend the freedoms and neutrality of the Bitcoin network. I consider myself a maximalist holder today”.

In partnership with KriptoBR, he ended up creating the Kripto Steel wallet, a metal cold wallet, a product he claims to be the result of his enthusiasm for the market. In addition, he is creating a school on Bitcoin fundamentals, called “Incripta Educação”, in partnership with Cátia Azenha and Matheus Braga, other Brazilian enthusiasts.

As part of his Bitcoin ventures, he is a partner at the NiceBuy store, which sells various products and accepts cryptocurrency as payment.

Finally, he has a part of Bitcoin philanthropy in his project, making donations to entities such as APAE São Bento do Sul, made in December 2020.

Worksheet also for your daughter, who is already a Bitcoin kids holder

After seeing the success of his personal Bitcoin hold experiment, the Brazilian saw the need to create an investment for his daughter as well.

So he bought R$500.00 between January and April 2021, placed in a safe wallet as a savings account. Today, even after the recent falls of the BTC, its child experiment already returns more than the Brazilian savings.

Bitcoin Hold Project for Your Daughter Beats Savings
Bitcoin Hold Project for Your Daughter Beats Brazilian Savings/Reproduction

“I did the same project process, on the same spreadsheet, to create an allowance for my daughter in Bitcoin. There I compare income with savings and I did it for my daughter.”

The objective of both projects is to take advantage of the Bitcoin appreciation over the long term, regardless of the market price at the time of purchase. For those who want to follow more about the project, the “Eu Uso BTC” channel on YouTube follows the Brazilian holder and digital currency enthusiast.