Franchise networks start accepting bitcoin as payment of fees | cryptocurrencies

the networks New Sofa Again, Smart Support (from the same group), Espetto Carioca, Blessed (from another group), Vegan Butcher and Mr. Fit they jointly announced the novelty of integration into the crypto world.

One of them, Mr. Fit, of frozen lunchboxes with a focus on healthy eating, has already registered a case of a franchisee who paid off charges related to the adhesion contract using cryptocurrency.

Per hour, only bitcoin will be accepted as a means of payment of franchise fees, a practice in this market segment that corresponds to the concession of use of the brand and is normally paid in a fixed and single amount, as part of the initial investment for the opening of a new unit.

In some cases, there is also a recurring charge for royalties (image usage rights).

According to the executives at the head of the networks, the objective of the initiative is to foster business expansion with entrepreneurs who are already bitcoin investors and who are interested in opening their own business.

“It will work as if it were the dollar, let’s get the quote of the day and payment will be made by digital wallet transfer, explain Vinicius Rochesk, Head of Communication at Support Smart.

In his view, “in the coming years, it will be common for the vast majority of people to have a cryptocurrency portfolio, so we are already looking to gain space in this market.”

Franchises such as Mr. Fit start to accept bitcoin when paying the contractual fee — Photo: Disclosure