Hacker attack steals R$ 3 billion in cryptocurrencies – Investments – Estadão E-Investidor – Main financial market news

the protocol Poly Network was hacked this Tuesday (10) and lost US$ 611 million, about R$ 3.17 billion in cryptocurrencies. According to information from The Block, research specializing in cryptoactives, the theft has launched the biggest hack in the history of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

After a preliminary investigation, the responsible team stated that they believe the work was not done by one person. On its Twitter page, the team lamented what happened and released the addresses of the wallets used by criminals. Poly Network is a protocol for exchanging digital assets in various blockchains, such as bitcoin, ethereum and ontology.

See the breakdown of digital assets that have been stolen by criminals: $273 million in Ether, $253 million in Binance Smart Chain tokens, and $85 million in USDC from the Polygon network.

The bill also asked major digital asset brokerages to blacklist the address that drained the protocol accounts. The funds stolen by criminals were moved to three different addresses:

  • ETH (Ethereum): 0xC8a65Fadf0e0dDAf421F28FEAb69Bf6E2E589963;
  • BSC (Binance Smart Chain): 0x0D6e286A7cfD25E0c01fEe9756765D8033B32C71;
  • Polygon (Polygon): 0x5dc3603C9D42Ff184153a8a9094a73d461663214.

Binance CEOs OKEx and Huobi responded shortly afterwards that they are monitoring currency flows and will do their best to manage the situation. All say, however, that there are no guarantees.

Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, the stable dollar-backed cryptocurrency, said he froze $33 million in funds from the address used by the hackers.