Iq Option denies link to Bitcoin trader shot dead in Porsche

the platform Iq Option sent to Livecoins a note denying any link with the trader who used the platform and was shot dead last week when he was traveling on the road in a luxury vehicle.

The case happened in Região dos Lagos in Rio de Janeiro, when the “King of Pullback” was on his way to get a haircut at a barbershop in the region. Approached by heavily armed men, the young man was shot several times and died instantly.

With the repercussions of the case throughout Brazil, a task force was created by four police stations in the region, who want to understand if it was a death at the behest of competing companies, which attract investors for income platforms with cryptocurrencies.

Rio de Janeiro Civil Police arrested three for a crime

After the death of trader Wesley Pessano Santarém, known as “King of Pullback”, the civil police of Rio de Janeiro (PCRJ) continued with the investigations, carrying out the arrest of three people who may be involved in the barbaric crime.

“Since the businessman’s death, the police have taken several steps to clarify the murder, including analysis of images from surveillance cameras and hearings from witnesses. Investigations are continuing to investigate the involvement of others and the motivation for the crime.”

The murder took place last week, on the 4th of August, with the trader being killed in a red Porsche.

Following the case since it occurred, the Rlagos portal released exclusive images of the men arrested in Operation Pullback, by the PCRJ, which arrested the men with the help of PF and PRF intelligence.

Iq Option denies any link with trader shot dead

In a note to Livecoins, Iq Option, banned by CVM from operating in Brazil, denies having any operation in the country, as well as having no ties with former goalkeeper Bruno, who also appeared in videos recently operating on the platform.

According to the company, some traders operate in Brazil using the image of Iq Option to promise fixed returns in the market, but these are scams that do not reflect the reality of the risk of binary options.

“IQ Option does not operate in Brazil and had no relationship with Mr. Wesley Pessano Santarém. The company also has no relationship with former goalkeeper Bruno, who made videos promoting a Brazilian “trader”, not the IQ Option platform.

It is important to highlight that no one is authorized by IQ Option to carry out advertising on its behalf in Brazil, much less to attract third-party investment.

Particularly in Brazil there have been cases of “TRADERS” promising unrealistic profits and returns to investors and such promises do not reflect the reality of risk in the binary options market.

Anyone wishing to invest in any market must know the potential risks in advance and our website contains all the necessary warnings and information.”