MPF denounces ‘King of Bitcoin’ for criminal organization, embezzlement and financial crime | Paraná

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) denounced Cláudio José de Oliveira, known as the ‘King of Bitcoin’, for the crimes of embezzlement, criminal organization, crime against the popular economy, bankruptcy crime and crime against the financial system.

The complaint was filed on Friday (6).

Claudio is suspected of committing a R$1.5 billion fraud in cryptocurrency trading simulations, according to the police. According to investigations, around 7,000 people were victims of a scam carried out by brokers controlled by the “King of Bitcoin”.

His wife, Lucinara da Silva Oliveira, was also indicted for the crime of criminal organization.

Another six people linked to the Bitcoin Banco Group, controlled by Claudio, were also indicted for involvement in the frauds.

Claudio and Lucinara’s defense reported that they were still unaware of the complaint.

Brokers linked to the ‘King of Bitcoin’ began to be investigated in 2019, after the owner registered a police report stating that he had been the victim of a cyber attack. At the time, the values ​​of all creditors were blocked by the company.

As the investigations went on and with the lack of cooperation from the company’s owner, the Civil Police and the Public Ministry of Paraná suspected that the cyber attack was false and that the group had committed crimes such as embezzlement.

After denouncing the alleged cyber attack, the suspicious group promised creditors that it would return the blocked amounts in installments. Despite this, according to the PF, the amounts were never paid.

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According to the Federal Police, Cláudio José de Oliveira is a “skillful embezzler, who kept around him people ignorant of the issues that the criminal claimed to dominate, especially related to the financial engineering of the Bitcoin Banco Group”.

Investigations show that the group took advantage of a court-supervised reorganization order to stop the civil actions that the company was responding to. During the process, according to the PF, the group provided false information and deceived the Judiciary.

According to the delegate who commented on the operation, one of the investigated informed the Court that he had 7,000 cryptocurrencies. The information, however, was false.

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Cláudio José, his wife and others suspected of being part of the scheme were arrested in June in an operation launched by the PF to investigate the case. All suspects, except Claudio, were subsequently released.

Lucinara, however, failed to comply with measures that ordered her not to contact others investigated for the fraud and was arrested again on 16 July. The two remain trapped.

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According to police, the couple sported luxury goods and held large events to attract investors.

According to the PF, the leader of the group has a conviction in Switzerland for crimes of embezzlement and forgery of documents.

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