Outlaw by Bitcoin coup is hunted by assassins and surrenders to the police

A man was arrested in the municipality of Atibaia after spending nearly a year on the run from the authorities, he had a prison order for being the leader of a financial coup involving Bitcoin.

Hidden in a hotel in the city, riding a BMW, the life of Eneas Tomaz was already being monitored by a former investor in the ArbCrypto, company that raised investments in Brazil and even used the image of the former captain of the Brazilian team, “Cafu”, to promise fixed income in the market.

After the end of the possible coup, the Brazilian justice ordered the arrest of the leaders, who had suspended client withdrawals since 2019. Eneas was one of those mentioned in the lawsuit.

It is noteworthy that, in early 2021, another leader of the same company had already been arrested in the interior of Minas Gerais.

Trapped in Atibaia another Bitcoin coup leader after an assassination attempt

According to the Ponte website, five people were arrested last Sunday (8). One of them is the leader of ArbCrypto, who was being sought out by a former coup investor.

This former client hired three people to help kill Eneas Tomaz, two of them PMs from São Paulo. The contractor pretended to be a police chief, according to the incident, but presented a “human rights officer” card at the time of his arrest.

The soldiers even tried to arrest the ArbCrypto leader when he was inside a hotel, but when he realized he was being wanted, he fled. He was chased and shots were fired at his BMW vehicle, which only did not have a tragic outcome because it was armored.

Hidden in the countryside in Atibaia, Eneas was found by two road military police officers and confessed to being a fugitive from justice. He was arrested on the spot.

The other four suspects also approached the incident in a desperate attempt to capture the target, but were eventually arrested.

The two police officers were taken to the military prison in the capital, and the other three were taken to the Public Prison of Piracaia.

According to Ponte’s investigation, a war arsenal was found with the men who wanted to kill the ArbCrypto leader, who received more than 22 shots against his vehicle.

War arsenal was seized in the police action

Two sprinklers were seized, one from the São Paulo military police, tear ammunition, elastomers and magazines for a .40 caliber pistol, some from the São Paulo Military Police, a 38 revolver.

The cell phones of the five were seized and a notebook belonging to the leader of ArbCrypto was also taken during the arrest. The three vehicles used, both for the escape of Eneas and for the men who tried to take his life, were taken to the yard, being an armored BMW, a Toyota Fielder and an Onyx.

All of them are at the disposal of the Brazilian justice, which will have to evaluate the attempted murder, criminal organization and the financial crime for which Eneas was already wanted.

It is worth noting that cases involving financial pyramids in Brazil are becoming more violent, with former clients seeking revenge against their former leaders.