Axie Infinity’s AXS Cryptocurrency rises 678.5%, surpasses Ethereum and is one of the most traded cryptoactives in Brazil

The success of the Axie Infinity game in Brazil also boosted the negotiation of the platform’s native cryptocurrencies, the AXS and the SLP that they are among the most traded cryptoactives in the country according to a survey sent to the Cointelegraph.

Overtaking the Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency in the market, the AXS token was one of the most traded assets on the Market Bitcoin exchange, one of the main ones in the country. The cryptocurrency, which is linked to the online game of the same name, accounted for 12.19% of operations. Bitcoin (BTC) led the negotiations, with an 18.64% share.

Interest in AXS can be measured by the high of 678.5% in July compared to the previous month, ending quoted at R$ 213.90. Bitcoin already reached R$ 216,466, after appreciating 25.78%. In June, AXS had a 0.91% share in Bitcoin Market operations, against 12.19% in July.

“Axie Infinity’s trading volume has kept pace with the growing interest in the game around the world, as users can actually earn money by playing. In one year, the currency’s market cap jumped from a few million dollars to over US$ 2.5 billion”, explains Fabrício Tota, director of new business at Mercado Bitcoin.

The great differential of AXS, created in November of last year, is that the game it is linked to works through the blockchain and users can earn money by playing – play to earn, as developers say.

Just like in Pokemon, Axie Infinity also has “cute monsters” that are created, traded and sent to battles by players. Another feature is that little monsters can also be immortalized as unique tokens.

In number of transactions by customers, the Bitcoin Market registered an almost threefold increase in July, when compared to the same period of the previous year, from 863 thousand to 2.4 million.

Brazil among the best in the world at Axie Infinity

Recently Axie Infinity registered a historic brand and for the first time in the history of the crypto market, an NFT game reached $1 billion in sales.

In addition to reaching the mark of $1 billion in sales, the game also recently reached its first million active players daily. Although a significant portion of these players are Filipinos, Brazilians were not left behind in this movement.

Dux, a Brazilian holding company focused on the crypto market, currently has more than 300 teams (900 Axies and 300 players) and is rapidly expanding its operation, seeking to become one of the largest providers of scholarships (scholarship) of Axies of the world. Lucas Albino, head of the company’s blockchain games, comments on the expansion.

‘Within the last two months, dux blockchain gaming accelerated the process of inserting new teams, with the aim of increasing Axie Infinity’s impact in Brazil. We aim to reach 5,000 teams in 6 months.”

Scholarships are programs in which Axies owners provide NFTs to players (each player needs 3 Axies to battle) and receive a percentage of the player’s earnings in exchange for the scholarship.

Due to the costs of the Axies (currently the cheapest are between US$300-350), scholarships allow new players to dive into the Axies Metaverse without shelling out large amounts.


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