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Gene Simmons of Kiss makes optimistic predictions for Bitcoin value
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Gene Simmons, vocalist and bassist of kiss, was optimistic about cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, in an interview on Wednesday (11) with financial experts from the American network CNBC. He revealed that he started investing at the beginning of the pandemic and that he has “put millions into these assets”.

The musician explained that he works in the digital market as a Hodler, that is, one who practices hodl – a strategy among cryptoinvestors to maintain digital assets for an indefinite period, aiming at large profits. He said: “I’m a hodler, I believe in the long term and that cryptography, and especially Bitcoin, is increasingly being accepted.”

With the financial experts silent listening to the member of the kiss talking about cryptocurrency, he even suggested a question to answer: “Ask me what will happen with Bitcoin and I’ll give you my opinion”. Then, when one of the presenters asked the suggested question, she replied: “At the beginning of the year it will be [valendo] between 55 thousand and 60 thousand [dólares]. And I will be investing more, even if there are big falls”.

Gene referred to the recent meltdown of the market on May 19, when many investors, especially the less experienced ones, became fearful and went out selling their assets. In recent days, Bitcoin and the entire market started to show a good recovery, with the most famous cryptocurrency in the world circulating with its quotation at around 45 thousand dollars.

the co-founder of kiss has been commenting on his Twitter about investing in cryptocurrencies and sharing the view that this is a market that presents an opportunity to make money down the road. How to swim in money is what Gene Simmons you know how to do more – in the interview with CNBC, he ended up doing a jabá about an exhibition he will do in Las Vegas – here’s the tip, ok?