Bitcoin market to pay dividends to Vasco Token holders by Marrony transfer

The Bitcoin Market, one of the main Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil, should soon pay the Vasco Token holders for the transfer of player Marrony da Silva Liberato Silveira (Marrony).

The player is part of the package of 12 athletes trained in the base categories of Vasco and that are part of the exchange agreement with the team from Rio de Janeiro for the launch of the token, which was the first of its kind in Brazil. Marrony played for Atlético Mineiro and was sold to Midtjylland in Denmark.

For the player, Midtjylland proposed to pay 3 million euros upon transfer (R$18.3 million) and 1.5 million euros (R$9.15 million) in June 2023, totaling 4.5 million euros (R$27.5 million).

From this amount, 630,000 euros (R$3.8 million) would go to Vasco’s coffers, holder of 14% of Marrony’s rights, and 270 thousand euros (R$1.6 million) would be transferred to Volta Redonda, owner of 6%.

The Cointelegraph contacted the Bitcoin Market for comment. but the exchange said it will not comment at the moment on how much to be paid to holders and the amount.

Vasco Token

The Vasco Token was the first token that represented a portion of FIFA’s solidarity mechanism to be launched in Brazil. The token was launched in November 2020 after MB obtained an opinion from the Brazilian Securities Commission, CVM, that this type of investment did not represent a security and, therefore, was not regulated by the autarchy.

In total, and considering the Transfer Market reference values, R$50 million were placed for trading, divided into R$100.00 tokens, a price that remains until today, July 17, 2021.

Token holders have already been remunerated by the solidarity mechanism since in April this year, a few months after the launch of the product, Vasco Token holders had their first income, corresponding to 1.63% of the invested.

The value was due to the performance bonus (about R$ 800 thousand) achieved at this time, resulting from the sales contract of the athlete Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool to Barcelona.

Cruzeiro also has a token linked to the solidarity mechanism, which launched Talentos da Toca, which was developed at Binance Smart Chain, BSC, with the ticker CRZ0 and also represents a fraction of the credit rights that participate in the solidarity mechanism, related to athletes who were trained by the club.

In the case of Cruzeiro, 380 athletes are part of the token. The token was launched by phase on Liqi’s platform, with the first token being sold for R$17.50.


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