Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain game and best cryptocurrencies: highlights

Last Thursday (5), the hard fork London was finally deployed on the Ethereum (ETH) network.


Binance Smart Chain won the first blockchain-developed NFT game. Axie Infinity (AXS), the game of the moment, is still on the rise and takes first place in an important ranking. Cardano (ADA), in turn, released more details about the network’s next update.

Another fact that drew attention was the leakage of data and images of thousands of Brazilians. Finally, Binance Pay’s new expansion deal and the month’s most promising cryptocurrencies complete the list of crypto world highlights for the first week of August.


Ethereum performs update London

Hard fork London has finally arrived on Ethereum. The update was widely expected by blockchain enthusiasts and users, especially for some changes it will bring to the functioning of the network. Due to the risks involved, the process forced several exchanges, in Brazil and abroad, to suspend withdrawals and deposits, among other ETH services, in order to protect their users.

One of the changes brought about with the hard fork is the token burning process. Right on the day the update was implemented, a million dollar amount in ETH was burned. High values ​​were also seen at the opening of the first Brazilian ETF Ethereum, which debuted on B3 on Wednesday (4). Due to the market’s enthusiasm for the event, ETH rose 18% in the last seven days.

DeFi and NFT Game Comes to Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain’s first online game was released this week. The DungeonSwap game will follow the “play to win” format, offering its users the possibility to earn tokens and NFTs as they progress through the game. Its creators, anonymous, classify the game as a DeFi-RPG game, which can offer “maximum fun”, as well as profit possibilities for its users.

Axie dominates Ethereum network

Still on blockchain games, it is necessary once again to comment on Axie Infinity. Earlier this week, an important manager highlighted that the game has the potential to be a great investment, especially for users in emerging economies.

In addition, one of the largest exchanges in the world has announced plans to sponsor Brazilian players who want to start playing the game. Last Friday (6) the application became the most used on the Ethereum network, taking the place of one of the largest decentralized exchanges in the world.

Cardano Leader brings news

The founder and leader of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, released news about the project’s next steps. In a broadcast on his YouTube channel, the mathematician confirmed that smart contracts will be available on the cryptocurrency blockchain after the hard fork Alonzo, which he said should take place between August and September this year.

Hacker tries to sell Brazilian data on the internet

A hacker has put up for sale on an online forum a package containing data from more than 13,000 people, including photos of victims’ ID, CPF and CNH numbers. The criminal asked for a relatively low amount for anyone who wanted to buy the file. Experts commented on the risks of having this information leaked.

In addition to launching a new game on BSC, Binance had another positive highlight this week. The exchange partnered with a giant global payments provider. Exchange users using Binance Pay will now be able to use their cryptocurrencies to make purchases in multiple locations, including Shopify stores, an e-commerce platform that has increasingly attracted consumers in Brazil.

Promising cryptocurrencies for the month of August

The start of a new month brings new opportunities for market traders and investors. With this in mind, the BeInCrypto cryptocurrency analyst highlighted 10 projects, in addition to another five exclusively from the DeFi segment, which have great chances of going up in August due to important news and events in the respective projects scheduled for this month.


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