Kiss founder reveals how many bitcoins he has

Kiss band founder Gene Simmons has stated that he is “all in” to Bitcoin, confident that the price of digital currency will rise in the future.

His talks about the cryptocurrency market started to get noticed by the community in 2017, when he said he liked the idea of ​​a decentralized currency.

As early as 2018, after the price of Bitcoin faced a terrible year, Gene argued that the currency would not die. At that time, the market was sensitive and saw a big supporter emerge at a difficult time.

In 2021, Simmons ended up buying millions of Cardano, Dogecoin and XRP, a fact that led some market investors to think that he would have abandoned Bitcoin altogether.

On CNBC, founder of Kiss confirms that he is “all in” on Bitcoin

In the rules of poker, a card sport played by two or more people, when the term “all in” is used, a player means that he bets all of his chips on that round. This technique is very risky in games as it can mean the end of the game if the bettor loses his hand.

But Gene Simmons, now 71, doesn’t fear the worst with Bitcoin, telling CNBC that he is all in in the largest cryptocurrency on the market. This speech makes it clear that he may have got rid of his altcoins bought earlier in the year.

“I made a lot, put a few million into BTC when it was around $10k. I loved the ride up to $64k or more and I’m what’s called a HODLer”.

Gene said he was lucky to learn Bitcoin HOLD concepts at the start of the pandemic, with help from billionaire Tyler Winklevoss. For him, people should seek to know the concepts of hold, as a concept created in the cryptocurrency community is very important to show the long-term potential of digital currencies.

Simmons participated in the FastMoney program, asking to be asked what he believed would happen with Bitcoin. At this point, he said that the price of BTC will reach between $55 and $60,000 by early 2022, prompting him to buy more whenever he can.

“I’m all in, I’m putting more, when I go down I buy more, I have 14 Bitcoins”.

It is each person’s responsibility to do their own research.

Gene Simmons further stated that the use of Bitcoin can have similar characteristics to gold.

However, in order to buy any digital currency, he says it is important for each person to do their own research. Currently, in addition to Bitcoin, the founder of Kiss has Cardano, Polkadot and UniSwap.

Next weekend, he will be physically selling his gear at an event, which will accept cryptocurrencies and even gold bars as a means of payment.