The new black gold is bitcoin

Imagine being able to create money from nothing. It’s like you’re the Central Bank, but instead of printing money, the currency is virtual. The bitcoin market in recent years has become a professional and world-scale industry. The reason is simple: in 2010 a bitcoin wasn’t even worth $1.

Today, a unit is worth nearly $40,000. But if a central bank needs to print on special paper and inks, the main demand to generate bitcoin is the use of electricity. Lots of electricity. This peculiarity is creating new business opportunities and attracted the Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Slim, owner of the Refit fuel refinery (formerly Manguinhos Refinery). He embraced the idea of ​​Brazilians Bruna and Paula Maccari, who are partners with Bit5ive, today the largest cryptocurrency mining company in the United States.


The idea is to combine experience in the refining market with Bit5ive’s expertise in bitcoin mining. “The Texas pole is a doubly interesting business, because it improves the remuneration of dry gas, which is a product that already exists and is there, being produced,” said Magro to DINHEIRO. “And for bitcoin it’s a viable cheap energy solution, with an infrastructure prepared to meet the demand of mining.”

According to Bruna and Paula Maccari, Bit5ive’s main objective today is to provide institutional clients, private investors and individuals with a high level of performance for cryptocurrency mining solutions with ecological approaches to those interested in entering the most profitable industry of the moment.

(Note published in issue 1235 of Dinheiro Magazine)