Alone, Ethereum Is Not Enough to Guarantee Big Tech Disruption: Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO and self-proclaimed Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist Jack Dorsey contained by not being the least bit benevolent to Ether (ETH) fans. In his last comment on the second-largest cryptocurrency on the market, Dorsey downplayed the platform’s potential to single-handedly shake up the status quo of a world dominated by Big Techs:

Disrupting the “Big Techs” is exactly what is needed and what I want.

However, no technology will do this alone.

Dorsey’s comment followed an online discussion about the usefulness of fully integrating non-fungible tokens (NFT) into Twitter. Twitter user Seyitaylor noted that, if implemented, it would be more beneficial to Ethereum than to the social media site.

Dorsey agreed that such a move would have more positive consequences for the Ethereum ecosystem than for its own platform, and added: “Each Twitter account can be linked to a Lightning wallet, however…”

Despite Twitter’s previous adventures in the NFT world – and Dorsey’s own move to raise money for charities through technology – Twitter’s CEO remains a staunch Bitcoin advocate, frustrating both Ether fanatics and cryptocurrency fans less sectarian.

A Twitter user answered to Dorsey’s comments, urging him to justify himself: “Why, then, so much hatred for ETH if there’s room for more than one piece of the puzzle?” In your replica, Dorsey explained, “Focusing on one thing doesn’t mean hating the others. I’ve been making clear my concerns about other protocols when compared to Bitcoin. The fundamentals are the fundamentals, security and centralization.”

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In another Twitter thread, Garry Tan proposed an investigation into the “mystery” of Dorsey’s obsession with Bitcoin. Timothy Kim suggested be the old cryptocurrency promise to serve as “hard money.” A “critical” point, he says, “especially for the globally underprivileged.” added, “was not trolling”.

In another thread on the same topic, Dorsey rejected the allegations that he was intentionally belittling Ethereum and clarified that, for him, “decentralization is not an ultimate goal […] it’s just a method of fixing the money.” In another Twitter thread, Dorsey said that although he agree in the spirit of the NFTs, your defense of Lightning in that context had nothing to do with them, but Yes with “making a currency for the internet possible.”

This has been a flag adopted by Dorsey for a long time. He has repeatedly argued that Bitcoin will be the Internet’s single currency since at least 2018. Unlike other Bitcoin fans, who admit the possibility that there will one day be a “flippening” of the two main cryptocurrencies, it remains to this day. reluctant in investing in Ethereum – at least publicly.


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