Bitcoin has a promising sign and DOGE, SHIB PSG and AXS go up in the week

An important Bitcoin indicator (BTC), with high assertiveness and return rate, generated an important signal this week.


The optimism is not just with the BTC, as the cryptocurrencies Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have also made big bullish movements in recent days, along with a cryptocurrency linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) that registered a surprising appreciation .

The strong upward movements did not stop there. The hiring of world football star Messi also stirred up the cryptocurrency market and boosted the Paris Saint-Germain fan token in the same week the XRP soared again and one of Ripple’s founders again dumped millions of coins into the market.


In addition, news in Brazil and around the world about Ethereum (ETH) and new milestones from Axie Infinity (AXS) complete the list of the best of the week.

Indicator generates strong buy signal on BTC

Bitcoin continues its bullish trend in August. As early as Monday (9), one of the most assertive and respected cryptocurrency indicators generated a buy signal. If the indicator’s history is taken into account, which has only failed once and has already generated percentages in the thousands, the BTC may never return to an important level of price support.

DOGE AND SHIB in strong high week

The meme cryptocurrencies were once again featured. Early in the week, DOGE and SHIB registered the biggest increases in the entire market, surpassing even assets that were on the rise in recent days such as Ethereum and Axie Infinity. Despite more discreet movements in the following days, both tokens have valued more than 30% in the last seven days, according to CoinGekco.

Cryptocurrency that unites blockchain and IoT triggers

Investors in IoTeX (IOTX) had great reason to celebrate this week. This is because the asset started a strong upward movement from Tuesday (10), reaching an appreciation of more than 300% since then. One of the reasons for the price spike may be linked to a new update in the project’s blockchain, which offers the possibility of creating dApps related to IoT technology.

Messi boosts $PSG token

The hiring of Argentine player Messi by Paris Saint-Germain was the main highlight of the football world in recent days, and brought significant impacts to the crypto market as well. As the French team was seen as the main favorite to close a deal with the ace, their fan token, the $PSG, had a surprising price spike last Saturday (7).

The agreement was made official on Wednesday (11). On the same day, one of the largest exchanges in Brazil highlighted that $PSG was the most sought after asset by its users at the time, surpassing even the trading volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, it was announced that part of Messi’s contract will be paid through the fan token, a trend that can be increasingly used by football teams that have their digital assets.

Ripple co-founder returns to dump XRP

XRP was another cryptocurrency that rose sharply this week, settling back above $1.00. As a result, one of Ripple’s founders, Jed McCaleb, returned to dump large sell orders for the token on the market. It was the first time the company’s former CTO sold its assets since the crypto market crashed in May this year.

New Ethereum ETF has its debut scheduled on the Brazilian stock exchange

Hashdex released the debut date of its ETF 100% Ethereum on the Brazilian stock exchange. The fund will be available to Brazilian investors from next week. Meanwhile, the founder of Cardano (ADA) was commenting on the new update of the ETH network, saying that the project will reach its peak soon.

Axie Infinity Reaches New Milestone and Makes Change for Players

The Axie Infinity game continues to be featured in the crypto world. Earlier this week, the protocol set a new record in its trade volume. The next day, a major change in the rewards mechanism for playing the game was announced.

Despite complaints from the community, experienced players have stated that the changes are necessary for Axie Infinity to function well in the long run. In addition, one of the main exchanges in Brazil has announced promotions involving the game to celebrate the listing of AXS and SLP tokens on its trading platform.


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