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Kryptoin’s ether ETF isn’t the company’s first order; in 2019, the company submitted its bitcoin ETF request to the SEC, but has not yet received a response from the regulator (Image: Unsplash/Executium)

Based in the US state of Delaware, the digital finance company – Kryptoin – filed a new application for an exchange-traded fund (ETF) from ether (ETH), second one form sent to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from United States.

According to the form:

The objective of the Trust Fund’s investment is to provide exposure to Ethereum at a price that actually reflects the Ethereum market, where investors can buy and sell Ethereum, after the expenses of the fund’s operations.

In pursuit of its investment objective, the Trust Fund will reserve Ethereum (or “ETH”), and, seeking to ensure that the Trust Fund’s share price does indeed reflect the ETH market, the Trust Fund will price its shares daily , as determined by the CF Ether-Dollar US Settlement Price, which is an independently calculated value based on the aggregation of trade flow executed in large ETH spot trades.

Kryptoin’s ether ETF would work similarly to your Kryptoin ETF ETF. bitcoin (BTC) proposed, which the company initially sent in 2019. Kryptoin amended its 2019 order in April of this year, but the SEC chose to postpone your decision about Kryptoin’s bitcoin ETF in June.

If approved, Kryptoin’s ether ETF will be listed on the Chicago Options Exchange (CBOE), which has been selected by both Kryptoin and other companies to list their bitcoin ETFs.

However, so far, the SEC has not approved any bitcoin ETFs in the United States, even if big names like VanEck, NYDIG and fidelity, have entered with orders.

Bitcoin ETFs exist in some locations outside the United States, such as products from Ninepoint and of the purpose, in Canada, and from hashdex and of the QR Capital, in Brazil.

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