project moves Ethereum network with ETH burnt at rates

In the last 24 hours, a little-known project has been responsible for most transactions on the Ethereum network. And it wasn’t the already famous Axie Infinity game or OpenSea. The project in question is COVIDPunks.

It’s not hard to understand why OpenSea and Axie Infinity are on the list of the biggest transactions on the ETH network. However, the same cannot be said about COVIDPunks which, until then, is an unknown project.

According to data from the network, COVIDPunks was the project that most transacted Ethereum in the last 24 hours. He even surpassed Tether and Metamask.

Ethereum (ETH)

What is COVIDPunks?

First, it is worth noting that COVIDPunks has no connection with Larva Labs, creator of CryptoPunks. However, according to the project’s official website, COVIDPunks is inspired by the CryptoPunks NFT series.

A total of 10,000 COVIDPunks were sold on the Opensea platform and are therefore sold out.

The NFTs were sold with a starting price of 0.01 ETH and according to Opensea data, there are around 2,300 COVIDPunk owners. Due to high demand, the base price rose to 0.1 ETH and more than 400 transactions took place.

As project creator Hank Waddle pointed out, existing Punk-type NFTs do not follow COVID-19 epidemic prevention guidelines. That is, they don’t wear masks.

In fact, Waddle claimed that out of 10,000 CryptoPunks, only 175 NFT avatars wear medical masks.


In addition, the project’s creator reported that each COVIDPunks NFT has new metadata based on actual COVID-19 infection and vaccination statistics.

So, following real-world odds, some punks are healthy and others infected with the virus. COVIDPunks with a blue background are healthy and those with a red background are infected.

Vaccinated punks are shown with a yellow background. There are even panks in “mixed state”. Healthy and vaccinated punks will have a green background and infected and vaccinated punks will have an orange background.

Furthermore, COVIDPunks are also embedded in frames, which have different colors. The frame color represents its rarity and is one of the factors in measuring its value.


The project’s website further reports that with the sales of COVIDPunks, developers will donate 10 ETH to COVID-19-related aid organizations in India.

For this purpose, the official website of COVIDPunks presented the organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF), indicating that it would make a donation to the institution.

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