With update closer and closer, Cardano network’s cryptocurrency rises 38% | Future of Money

The world’s fifth-largest digital asset by market value, the ADA, the cryptocurrency native to the Cardano network, trades sharply higher on Wednesday, 11th, after its founder announced that the activation of the use of smart contracts in the blockchain will be announced in the next days.

Charles Hoskinson, who is also one of the creators of the Ethereum network – today the main “competitor” of Cardano -, spoke about the subject in a Live broadcast on the social networks. According to him, the date of activation of the new blockchain functionality will be announced this Friday, 13. “We will announce when the Alonso update will happen and, when that happens, we will be able to run smart contracts on Cardano”, he said, adding that the update will take place before the “Cardano Summit” conference scheduled for September.