Bitcoin exceeds $45K: Dogecoin values ​​25%

Bitcoin continues to rise and passed $45,000 hours ago. Dogecoin outperformed all tokens with a 25% increase to a three-month record.

The weekend continues with impressive gains for bitcoin as the asset peaked above another coveted price line, regaining $45,000. Most altcoins are also doing well in the green, led by a massive increase in Dogecoin of over 25% in one day.

Bitcoin over $45K

The positive evolution in terms of price in dollars continues in the cryptocurrency market. The biggest asset, bitcoin, has been on the rise since mid-July, when it fell to less than $30,000.

Since then, however, the bulls have continued to push north, breaking one line of resistance after another. In just the past few days, bitcoin has soared above $40,000 and has continued to climb to a new nearly three-month record set hours ago.

More precisely, the BTC rose to just over $45,000 for the first time since the crash. As such, its market capitalization has increased to $850 billion.

Although the asset has increased by more than $15,000 in three weeks, big bitcoin holders (between 100 and 10,000 coins) have refused to take profits and sell portions, reveal data from Sanctity. The analyst firm said these investors hold a total of more than nine million bitcoins so far – which has been an all-time record ever since.

ETH above US$ 3K as DOGE values ​​25%

Altcoins have also performed impressively, with ETH leading the charge. As the network behind the asset passed the long-awaited London Hard Fork, the token has increased 22% in the past seven days.

On a 24-hour scale alone, ETH increased by 6.5%. It has recovered $3,000 and has gone down to about $3,150 so far. Binance Coin (2.5%), Cardano (3.5%), Uniswap (6%), Bitcoin Cash (2%), Chainlink (2%) and Ripple (8%) are right in the green as well.

However, Dogecoin stole the show with a spectacular 25% raise. As a result, the largest meme currency has reached a high of more than 26 cents in several months. Interestingly, other imitation coins also followed suit with notable gains, such as Shiba Inu (26%).

Ethereum Classic (13%), OKB (13%) and 0x (10%) also saw double-digit increases.

The cumulative market capitalization of all cryptocurrency assets reached a nearly three-month record of $1,850 trillion. The metric added about $300 billion in just a few days.

Source: CryptoPotato

Photo by Bruno Lugarini

Photo by Bruno Lugarini
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