Brazilian colleges organize panel on cryptocurrencies

Three Brazilian colleges are organizing an event themed on cryptocurrencies, mainly with legal uses.

It is worth noting that teaching about cryptocurrencies is still a lacking area in most universities in Brazil, despite the vast content available on internet pages.

Even so, this educational environment that does not usually have subjects about Bitcoin, for example, is starting to see some events being held about the technology, mainly in the legal area.

In Brazil, even without a well-defined regulation of Bitcoin by the local government, some cases drew the attention of the national judiciary.

Thus, next Thursday (19), the Law Schools of Leme, Pirassununga and Piracicaba, in the interior of São Paulo, are going to talk about the topic that is on the rise in Brazil.

Brazilian colleges promote a panel on cryptocurrencies during the Law and Technology Legal Week

The event “Juridical Week 2021 – Law and Technology”, with free registration and open by Sympla, starts next Monday (16), with daily events until next Friday (20).

With panels on Elections and Fake News, Startups, Smart Contracts and Legal Design, Artificial Intelligence and LGPD, cryptocurrencies ended up being highlighted at the event.

Panel 4 will discuss the topic of cryptocurrencies, at the event organized by three Brazilian law schools in the interior of São Paulo, with the presence of speakers Caio Lara and Maria Carmo.

Cryptocurrency event at a Brazilian college
Cryptocurrency event at Brazilian colleges/YouTube

According to the description of the event, Caio Lara holds a PhD in Law from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, a researcher at the RECAJ-UFMG Program.

Maria Carmo is an entrepreneur in the Cardano blockchain, co-founder of Pool Cardanistas, of the educational project LoveLace Academy and creator of the Maria Carmo 369 channel.

The event shows that colleges are interested in learning more about the cryptocurrency market, even calling some respondents from this market to talk about their experiences with it.

Cryptocurrency teaching grows in the Brazilian academic sector

The Brazilian academic sector still does not have many undergraduate and graduate courses in cryptocurrencies, but it has shown growth in recent years.

Recently, USP announced that in a postgraduate course in partnership with the Court of Auditors of Ceará, the subject of Bitcoin ended up becoming one of the disciplines, alongside the blockchain.

Even with these initiatives, there is still a market to be explored for research with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and its technology, which may gain strength in Brazil in the coming years.