Dogemon Go mobile game allows players to receive Dogecoin

Following this year’s hype for the meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin, a team of developers unveiled the release of an augmented reality mobile game called “Dogemon Go”.

Similar to the game Pokémon Go, players capture virtual characters called “Dogemons” and as the characters level up, they can earn dogecoins as a prize.

Capturing Dogemon and Gaining DOGE

There is a new mobile game that uses augmented reality and the crypto asset dogecoin (DOGE). The crypto community got a taste of the game Dogemon Go last month when the project’s official Twitter page began posting about the new game.

Dogemon login and avatars

Mobile game developers recently revealed that the game has been released for iOS devices and that an Android app is being developed. The project’s website introduces the game to visitors and also includes an augmented reality field map. The web portal says:

“Start now and capture your first Dogemon. Combine the gaming experience with your favorite Dogemons. Start capturing Dogemons today [e], if you are a great trainer, you can find cryptocurrencies as prey among other Dogemons. The Dogemons are waiting for you – start now and capture them all!

Privacy Concerns and the ‘Advertising Paradise’ of Dogemons

The app in the app store shows that the game was developed by a programmer named Shemie Suarez. The site explains that the game was produced by a team called Frozen Limited and the site hosts a video trailer of the game as well.

map and tokens

Some people may choose not to play the game due to privacy concerns, because when registering to play it is necessary to have a Google account, Facebook account, or the option to use an Apple ID. Pokémon Go also requires one of these accounts to play the augmented reality game. Once the player starts the game, they can customize their trainer’s avatar. But concern for privacy and security never hurts!

Dogemon’s game doesn’t get many ratings due to the fact that it’s so new. Although the graphics of Pokémon Go are better, the Pokémon game does not offer cryptocurrency rewards within the game. On the Dogemon Go website portal, developers say the game can be an “advertising paradise” for those who want their “projects, tokens/coins” advertised within the augmented reality map.

While people with Android devices can’t use the Google Play Store to install the game, the developers have created a direct APK download for those who don’t want to wait any longer.

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