Bitcoin pyramids in Cabo Frio reverberate in Fantástico

The growth of Bitcoin pyramids in Cabo Frio and region attracted the attention of Fantástico, who went to the city to show the reality. It is worth noting that this was the program with the highest audience last Sunday (15th) in Brazil.

The article recalled that the city is famous for its beautiful beaches, but this natural beauty ended up attracting companies that offer unrealistic investments to their clients.

Thus, cases of violence began to draw the attention of authorities, who are even investigating whether there is a “territorial dispute” of these financial pyramids in the Lagos region.

The culmination of the problems was the death of a trader, Wesley Pessano, in recent weeks, who was brutally murdered in a Porsche while going to get a haircut.

Companies promise up to 30% a month, but they could be Bitcoin pyramids operating in the market, highlighted Fantástico

The problem of financial pyramids is not new in Brazil and these companies have already operated in several sectors. Ostrich Master, Boi Gordo, Telexfree are just some of the names that have already marked the Brazilian investment market, with unreasonable promises of fixed profitability.

With the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, some fraudulent companies have begun to associate the promises of earnings with digital currency in recent years. So, for many people in Brazil today, the feeling is that this cryptocurrency is just a fraud.

Reinforcing this image, companies from Cabo Frio, possible financial pyramids, were accompanied by Fantástico in an exclusive report last Sunday.

After the trader’s death, a police task force began investigations in the region. Last week, for example, the owner of X6 Capital was arrested by authorities, a company that may be one of those currently investigated in Niterói. In a statement, the company stated that the arrest was unreasonable.

Ares Traders, owned by Wesley Pessano, has already closed its doors after the death of its partner and was not found by the report.

Another that ended its activities in the region was the Black Warrior (BW), which recently saw an attack being committed against their leader, who was in an armored BMW and was not injured. Some customers of this company even protested armed when they realized the end of the possible scheme. No one from that company was found to comment on the case.

What caught the attention of the investigations is that the customers of these companies can be almost the same, for the most part. In Cabo Frio, people even took out loans and even sold land to invest in the regional pyramids.

The largest company in the region and targeted by the task force’s investigations is ‘GAS Consultoria Bitcoin’

Fantástico spoke with delegate Maurício Mendonça, who mentioned how these Bitcoin pyramids work in the region, which are under investigation. According to him, companies raise funds, but these are diverted from the investments they promise to make.

Appointed as a money laundering company by the joint investigation of the police stations, Fantástico found that ‘GAS Consultoria Bitcoin’ is the one that has the most clients in the region, with promises of 10% per month being made to clients.

The partner of that company, Glaidson Acacio Dos Santos, was approached by Fantástico, but ended up giving up on granting the interview. In 2020, this company was cited as a pyramid scheme by the portal Suno Notícias and its lawyer.

After the recent episodes of Bitcoin pyramids, the Cabo Frio region is even being called “New Egypt”, in allusion to the constructions of the pharaohs.