Walmart prepares to enter the cryptocurrency market

A job vacancy at Walmart in the United States made the price of Bitcoin start the week on a high, reaching again the price of US$ 48,000.

After two days of falling in the price of the world’s main digital currency, a possible entry of Walmart into the market has encouraged investors in Bitcoin.

The company has opened a vacancy for the position of “Senior Director II, Corporate Development and Integration”, to carry out activities of Development of Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Products. The publication makes it clear that the professional must take care of the sector, and may even integrate this new means of payment.

The retail giant suggested the focus of its future digital currency strategy, noting that it already allows for a “broad set of payment options for its customers”.

“As the digital currency / cryptocurrency leader at Walmart, you will be responsible for developing the digital currency strategy and product roadmap.” -says the job description.

Last year, Walmart had already applied for a patent for a blockchain-based digital currency. Now, the company has created a fintech called “Hazel”, which supposedly could offer a wide range of financial services integrated in a “super-app”.

Walmart’s job vacancy caused an uproar even in the price of Bitcoin, but it was momentary

Bitcoin has received a lot of support in recent months from companies that have chosen to add this technology as a store of value to their balance sheets.

With the arrival of companies like Tesla, which accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment for a few months, it has led other big companies to think about this opportunity now.

Walmart, one of the largest department companies in the United States, is the next likely to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Now, the search for a leader with experience in cryptocurrencies may be another important movement of large companies in the sector.

Today, the supermarket chain accepts the main payment methods, in addition to having its Walmart Pay solution. It is not clear how the cryptocurrencies could arrive or when, as the position is open, but the market was encouraged by the promising scenario of the position.

In 2018, Walmart was caught selling chocolate Bitcoin, a fact that was the company’s first public association with the market. Three years later it seems that the joke has come true.

Regarding the price of Bitcoin, it even surpassed the US$ 48,000 with a strong increase, but then ended up retreating. Even quoted above US$ 47,000, the appreciation in the last 24 hours exceeds 2%, a fact that may be related to the job offered by Walmart.