Bloomberg analyst says he has discovered the identity of the creator of Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity remains a great mystery to the entire world. While there are several theories as to who might be the creator of Bitcoin, some are certain, as is the case with the Bloomberg analyst, Eric Balchunas, who claims to have discovered Nakamoto’s identity.

The announcement of his “discovery” was made through his Twitter account, where he said that, based on everything he’s read, he believes he has a solid opinion of the true identity of Bitcoin’s creator.

“I’m a little out of my league here, but based on everything I’ve seen and read, Hal = Satoshi”

Bloomberg analyst believes Satoshi Nakamoto is Hal Finney, one of the most important names in Bitcoin history and one of the great minds behind the development of the cryptomarket we know today.

Balchunas’ opinion was argued with another publication that shows Finney describing the concept of NFTs back in 1993, almost 20 years before Bitcoin was created and “unlocked” to the public.

The Future of Bitcoin by Hal finney
Hal Finney. Source

Hal Finney

It wasn’t clear from the Tweet whether the only thing that made the analyst believe Hal is Satoshi is the description of the NFTs back in 1993 or other documents and possibilities, which is more likely for this case.

Interestingly, this is not a controversial or “out of the box” opinion, many people also believe that Finney could be Satoshi, or at least part of the group that calls itself Satoshi.

Finney was the first to run a Bitcoin node and the first to receive a transaction from Nakamoto, he was practically responsible for “announcing it to the world”, leaving an immeasurable legacy for the entire cryptomarket and especially for the global financial market.

Unfortunately, Finney died in 2014 and is well remembered and important to Bitcoiners, cryptographers and cypherpunks around the world, having a brilliant career among these circles, being honored even by big names in the tech sector.

However, despite many presenting various evidences, it is still not possible to say with certainty who Satoshi Nakamoto is.

And that’s part of Bitcoin’s magic, after all, the cryptocurrency has grown far beyond its creator, with several developers improving the code and strengthening the blockchain in ways that Satoshi might not have been able to. This also includes Finney’s participation in the ecosystem.

In the end, the message is that anyone can be Satoshi and Bitcoin belongs to everyone. As it’s repeated across forums and communities “Everyone except Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.”