CEO of Brazil’s biggest bitcoin scam may be faking his own death, say former customers

The president of Atlas Quantum, Rodrigo Marques, appears ‘dead’ in videos circulating on social networks, but clients suspect that the businessman may be faking his own death.

In a conversation with Livecoins, one of the clients said that it would be very convenient for Rodrigo to die now, at a time when clients are getting closer to recovering their values.

In Brazilian courts, Atlas Quantum is a constant presence in lawsuits filed by former clients who have not been able to make withdrawals since 2019, after an alert from the Brazilian Securities Commission.

In fact, it is estimated that Atlas, as it was known by investors, caused a loss of over R$ 1 billion in Brazil.

Customers are suspicious of the alleged death of Atlas Quantum’s president that was shared in videos circulating on social networks

There is no information about who released a video with Rodrigo Marques lying on a stretcher inside an ambulance. In this recording, the CEO and president of Atlas Quantum would have been presumed dead as a result of the COVID-19 disease.

Rodrigo Marques supposedly dead
Rodrigo Marques supposedly dead

The news was published on a website and even sponsored on facebook, which made customers even more suspicious of the scam.

In a conversation with Livecoins, clients doubt that the material is trustworthy, since Rodrigo disappeared with a lot of money from his old clients, who are looking for him around the world to recover their investments.

It is noteworthy that in the national register of deceased there is no record of death in the name of Rodrigo Marques dos Santos in the year 2021.

Rodrigo was born in São Paulo (SP), registered at the Bela Vista registry office, as stated in his RG. The document of his identity card was obtained in research in one of the several lawsuits where Marques is the defendant.

The registration of the death is done at the Civil Registry Office of the district, municipality or region where the death occurred. That is, the birth was registered in a registry office and the death may have been registered in another, which the clients do not believe.

The article tried to request the birth and death certificate (as an attempt at the Notary Office of Bela Vista), but the registration on the website was unavailable and we were unable to evolve with the request. In addition, we tried to contact the registry via telephone, which proved unsuccessful again.

After sending an e-mail, the response did not reach the closing of this article, which can be updated if any new information is found.

Atlas Quantum’s blow in the market has already been seen by Brazilian judges as a financial pyramid blow, as there are promises of fixed income in the market. After the problems with looting, Rodrigo Marques disappeared and was no longer found, with suspicion until he fled Brazil.

Rodrigo Marques was contacted to comment on the case, but until the end of the article we had no response.