Could Bitcoin save the resources of Afghan citizens from confiscation?

Hundreds of Kabul residents rushed to banks to withdraw money from their accounts, while Taliban fighters stormed the city demanding the government’s surrender.

The population fears that their life savings will be confiscated by the terrorist group. According to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this could be avoided, or minimized, if the population used Bitcoin.

Chaos broke out in the country after the government of Joe Biden ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. As a result, the Taliban began to invade cities and Afghan President Ghani fled the country on Sunday.

Unseizable Bitcoin

Now, panicked civilians are trying to withdraw their funds from the banks to flee Kabul. However, many bank branches are closed and citizens form long lines in the few that remain open.

In addition to confiscation, the people of Kabul fear that the Taliban will re-impose brutal rules that have virtually eliminated women’s rights and curtailed citizens’ freedom.

Amidst this, it is believed that Bitcoin could be a solution to help the people whose resources are under the control of the terrorist group.

“How much family wealth is being confiscated in Afghanistan right now? Imagine if people rushing to leave could leave the country with the monetary energy of their lives stored in their heads. Bitcoin is hope. Bitcoin is economics. Bitcoin is not force projection”, he wrote BTC enthusiast GregZaj on Twitter.

Indeed, Bitcoin could be a form of wealth protection immune to centralized power. After all, as GregZaj said, bitcoiners can access their cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. For that, they just need the passwords “stored in their heads”.

Furthermore, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be stored in small hardware wallets the size of a USB flash drive or in online wallets.

The profile @nepalneedscrypto too commented the situation and how the BTC could help civilians:

“People queue to withdraw money from a bank in Afghanistan. Hard earned money is at risk. The use of untrustworthy and borderless money would have solved the problem. Use Bitcoin.”

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