GAS Consultoria is mentioned in a Globo report on financial pyramids

Rede Globo aired in Fantástico this Sunday (15) an article about companies that use bitcoin to apply a pyramid scam in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, and cited GAS Consultoria. A target of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission and the Public Ministry, the alleged investment company promises a fixed 10% return on cryptocurrencies.

According to the report, GAS Consultoria is the company with the largest number of investors in the Cabo Frio region. Its investment ‘advisers’ approach customers via WhatsApp with promises of unrealistic earnings.

The deal, conducted by Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, is being investigated for money laundering. With no website, social media or other means of communication available to the public, GAS has an office in the center of Cabo Frio. Fantástico’s team tried to speak to the owner, but the employees refused to assist them. Glaidson promised an interview but dropped out.

In a note sent to clients at the end of last year, the company guaranteed that it was not a financial pyramid and claimed to have 90 physical offices throughout Brazil. However, the document was not signed by any person responsible.

Owner of X6 Capital arrested

Another company mentioned is X6 Capital, led by Ricardo Oliveira, known as ‘Rick’, and who was arrested last week. His ‘financial solutions’ company, which promised investors a return of 15% per month, is one of several businesses that have been “selling the idea that it is possible to get rich a lot and quickly”, comments the report.

Rick promised to invest the clients’ money on the stock exchange and in bitcoins, but investigations found that none of this was done. He had his goods blocked and his car impounded so that the Court could protect amounts that could later be used to alleviate the loss of around R$ 8 million to X6’s customers.

However, investigations showed that Rick’s clients had also invested money in other companies, most of which were located in Cabo Frio. At least 10 companies in the region are being investigated, said Fantástico, noting that the resort has become a “paradise for coup plotters” and that it has earned the nickname ‘New Egypt’.

Ares Traders and Partner Murder

According to the report, the police are investigating, in addition to attacks, the murder of Wesley Pessano, a 19-year-old who was shot dead last week, a crime that may have been ordered. On social media, Wesley explained how he had gotten rich investing in the stock market and investing in cryptocurrencies. The company in which he was a partner, Ares Traders, announced the closure of activities and promised that within 30 days it would contact customers.

Regarding the attacks, two cases that occur this year are being investigated, one in March and the other in June. In one of the actions, criminals managed to shoot people involved with investment companies.

In the other case, which involved the owner of the Black Warrior (BW), there were no injuries due to the car being armored. BW, which operated in both Cabo Frio and Búzios, offered a 30% return on investments in cryptocurrencies. The deal closed and left several customers at a loss.

Bitcoin investments

It should be remembered that cryptocurrencies are volatile and it is impossible to guarantee a fixed income in this market. Well-known financial pyramids such as Unick Forex, Arbcrypto, Midas Trend, Genbit, have already made similar promises. In all cases thousands of victims were left at the loss.

When investing, the right thing is to look for a company authorized by the CVM, as the economics professor at FGV, Jefferson Colombo, highlighted in the report, who cited one of the tactics of fraudulent companies:

“If there is this remuneration for you, if you bring more participants, it is another warning sign that this is some kind of fraud, with a financial pyramid. In general, these people flaunt a lot on social media and try to trigger this trigger of greed. And who wouldn’t want easy money? The problem is that it doesn’t exist”.