‘I’m going to give R$ 100 in Axie Infinity’s AXS in partnership with the Bitcoin Market’, says Andre Franco, from Empiricus

The cryptocurrency analyst at Empiricus, Andre Franco, announced that the analysis house has entered into a partnership with the Mercado Bitcoin exchange, one of the main exchanges in the country, which will award R$ 100 in AXS, cryptoactive from the Axie Infinity game.

As Franco announced, the cryptoactive will be given as a kind of cashback to all customers who become a member of the Crypto Legacy series, which has an annual cost of around R$ 129.

To participate in the promotion the customer only needs to register with Crypto Legacy, and have an account on the Bitcoin Market, and then when you subscribe to the product from the analysis house, you will receive R$100 in AXS back directly to your exchage account. The campaign is valid for the month of August.

AXS has valued more than 13,000% since January this year, and has the potential to value much more, which is why we chose cryptoactive to celebrate this partnership in August, said Franco.

AXS is a native token of the Axie Infinity game that has been successful in the crypto world, especially in Latin America, due to its pay-to-earn system, in which players are rewarded with cryptocurrencies for their in-game activities.

BitPrice is giving game axies

Another promotion involving the Axie Infinity game is the BitPreço exchange that announced the drawing of axies (characters required to participate in the game) and the drawing of places in the teams available at BitPreço’s Axie Infinity school.

To participate in the promotion, the company’s customers need to have a validated account on the exchange, interact with certain posts on social networks and move AXS and SLP assets on the platform.

The promotion will be valid until the 26th of August for participation in the Axie Infinity school and until the 2nd of September to compete for the axie that will be drawn by the company.

Also according to the company, the campaign was launched as a commemoration of the listing of the game’s tokens, AXS and SLP, on the platform.


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