TikTok partners with blockchain-based music streaming platform Ethereum

The Ethereum Audius blockchain-based music streaming platform was chosen by the world’s most downloaded app TikTok for a partnership.

According to Rolling Stone, artists using the video sharing app will be able to post their music in the “TikTok Sounds” section.

The Audius app was initially released on the Ethereum-based POA network. However, in October, the project partially migrated to high-end rival Solana.

In January of this year, Audius had about 1 million monthly active users. That number soared to 5 million in August

As a result, Audius has become one of the most used blockchain apps ​.

TikTok joins Audios

The announcement of the partnership with TikTok was made this Monday by company executives, exclusively to Rolling Stone.

According to Forrest Browning, Audius Product Director, with the partnership, any artist will be able to take a song from the platform and export it to TikTok with one click.

According to Browning, while there are already ways to get music on TikTok without the help of a streaming platform, the process is “clumsy”

“The teenagers who produce in their rooms may not even have distributors”, he points out. “A common way for non-label artists to put their content on the platform is to hold the phone next to a laptop while it plays their music and they add it as background music. It’s not practical,” he explained.

In addition to hundreds of little-known artists, the Audius app also manages to attract some big names, like the American DJ Skrillex.

In addition, Spotify, for example, faces constant criticism for paying low amounts to musicians. Meanwhile, Audius allows creators to set their rules when it comes to monetization.

Now, the partnership with TikTok can bring even more independent music to the blockchain platform. Currently, more than 100,000 artists have music on Audius

According to Audius co-founder and CEO Roneil Rumburg, artists want to find better ways to connect their TikTok followers to other places where they can monetize their work.

“Decentralized Spotify” pro-artist

When it comes to blockchain usage, Browning noted that about 95% of Audius users are unaware that the technology is involved.

However, he explained that the solution in Ethereum is crucial for the decentralized operation and for the platform’s guidelines. After all, the blockchain eliminates the middleman and tracks transactions transparently.

Furthermore, Audius also supports the already famous NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. However, these digital assets are not in the platform’s buying and selling business. Instead, NFTs in Audius act as engagement and social tokens, unlocking extra features.

Finally, Browning highlighted the pro-artist ideology and principles of the blockchain streaming platform:

“While I can understand Spotify’s business model, they probably don’t want people going to TikTok from a monetization perspective. But we don’t really care where your listeners are coming from or what we help enable. We’re just here to get as many ears as possible.”

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