After bitcoin, gaming actions are the new opportunities to multiply in the coming years; know how to invest in the best

If you still don’t invest in the trends of the future, you’re wasting your time. After all, investors who have achieved expressive returns in the last 20 years are not those who follow short-term waves, but rather those who are focused on changing the world.

Just look at the recent past: those who invested in big techs (Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc) strategically in the 1990s and in bitcoin in mid-2010, for example, managed to transform tens of reais into hundreds; hundreds in millions. And they are enjoying the visionary look today…

So, with an eye on new social habits and the exponential increase in virtual consumption, everything indicates that the new trend of significant gains in the financial market is that of the gaming world. After all, it is an industry that does not stop growing and reinventing itself: in 2020 alone, even with the coronavirus crisis, the sector grew 20%, according to consultancy International Data Corporation (IDC).

To give you an idea of ​​the greatness of this segment for good investors, a study by Visa Consulting & Analytics, published in January 2021, calculates that transactions on the main gaming platforms in 2020 were up 140% compared to 2019. the number of game or extension purchases on the card doubled between October 2019 and September 2020.

In other words, games are no longer just fun and have come to dominate entertainment worldwide.

And this ‘boom’ is reflected in the actions…

Those who had the patience and strategy to make money in this market over the past few years achieved expressive profits investing in stocks in the area. Among them are the American game developer Electronic Arts (EA), which has accumulated an increase of around 600% in the last 10 years, and Activision Blizzard, which since its IPO in July 2019, has already appreciated 150%.

Another example is Sony, which owns the Playstation: its roles have doubled in the last two years. Going further, let’s talk about Nvidia, which designs graphics processing units for games. Over the past 20 years, this giant’s shares on the stock market have risen by more than 47,000%. The same as R$ 1 thousand turn into around R$ 470 thousand… almost half a million reais.

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The new opportunities in the game market

Of course, these gains were far behind and past profits are no guarantee of future returns, but new opportunities for exponential profits in the medium to long term are emerging at this very moment in the games sector of the Exchange (access them in the best way here). And who has been capturing this movement of gains for investors is BTG Pactual digital with the fund Vitreo Tech Games FIA BDR Level I, in partnership with the Vitreo brokerage.

With specialized managers who daily mine the best opportunities in the gaming world for you, the fund has accumulated, since its launch in October 2020, a gross tax return of 12.63% – a high level result, considering that it took place. in less than a year (access it here and learn how to invest in it).

The interesting thing about this fund is that, in addition to relying on the technical vision of those who understand the subject to capture this movement, it exposes you to a diversified portfolio of the most promising stocks and gamers BDRs in the medium to long term.

Thus, you have the opportunity to easily, quickly and securely expose yourself, with just one click, to an industry that has everything to multiply exponentially in the coming decades. Anyone who has ignored the gaming world in recent years has left money on the table or has regretted it.

With the rise of new games, the world increasingly “gamified” and many industry actions in excellent entry point around the world, it is irrational for you to be left out or

at least give yourself a chance to get to know this opportunity. Mainly because by Tech Games you are exposed to the global market from R$100. That’s right: in reais and without having to make exchange and other bureaucracies.

It is worth noting that in the Tech Games fund you pay only 0.9% of the administration fee per year. The same as leaving to the manager (Vitreo) and the administrator (BTG Pactual digital) only R$9 for each R$1 thousand invested per year.

In addition, the fund has no performance fee. That is, stocks can go up more than 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 times, that you don’t pay one real for it. Whoever invests in Tech Games is already earning money. Stop wasting time and learn more about it clicking here. The time is now.