Bitcoin Mining Pool Earns $1 Million In 40 Minutes

Last Sunday (15), Foundry USA’s mining pool managed to extract four consecutive Bitcoin blocks.

The company did not reveal the amounts it received. However, estimates indicate that the reward for the blocks was more than 25 Bitcoins in less than 40 minutes.

According to the current quotation, US$ 47,720, the value exceeds US$ 1 million, but it could be even higher. This is because the estimate does not take into account transaction fees that were paid by users and that are in the mined blocks.

Foundry USA extracted blocks were added to the blockchain at the height of blocks 695,927, 695,928, 695,929 and 695,930, revealed Kevin Zhang, Foundry Vice President.

Foundry USA now ranks fifth among mining pools with the most processing power. The pool has 12.2 exahashes per second, equivalent to 10% of the total power connected to the grid, according to

Mined blocks

Due to the current difficulty of mining and the number of pools mining Bitcoin, the same company finding more than two consecutive blocks is considered a feat.

On the same day, the SBI Crypto pool also managed to mine 3 consecutive blocks. Thus, it stayed in 10th place, with 3 exahashes per second, or 2.4% of the mining power connected to the grid.

Carson Smith, CEO of SBI Pool, reported that he has successfully mined blocks 695,990, 695,991 and 695,992.

As such, SBI Crypto received 18.75 BTC, the equivalent of $866,000. However, like the Foundry, the account does not consider transaction fees paid to miners.

Interestingly, block 695,930 contains a message referring to the campaign and the website WTFHappenedIn1971. The message addresses the 50th anniversary of the abolition of the Bretton Woods treaty, with which the then President of the United States, Richard Nixon, removed the gold for the dollar.

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