Bitcoin Smiles: The Inspiring Initiative in El Salvador

Bitcoin is causing a stir in the small Latin American country, even putting teeth in the mouths of people in need.

It is noteworthy that El Salvador is the first country to create a Bitcoin-friendly regulation, enacting a law that offers the local population this technology as legal tender.

While other countries chase Bitcoin and its community away, the population of El Salvador is already beginning to benefit from the impact of innovation, which allows donations even on a global scale.

A local dentist, seeing the potential of this novelty, created a social project to bring better quality of life to people who suffer from missing teeth.

Bitcoin will put teeth in the mouths of at least 50 poor people in El Salvador

Called by its creators “Bitcoin Smiles”, the initiative plans to gather 1 BTC in donations to fund the treatment of around 50 needy people in El Salvador, who don’t even have teeth.

It is worth noting that 1 Bitcoin is currently worth R$ 239 thousand each, and this project has already raised 0.36 BTC, around R$ 86 thousand to help the population. Donations to the project are being made by Lightning Network, with support from the BTCPay Server and Bitcoin Design Community, which has already reached more than 107 contributors.

Bitcoin Smiles has already collected 0.36 Bitcoin to put teeth in needy people
Bitcoin Smiles has already collected 0.36 Bitcoin to put teeth in needy people/Reproduction

“Images of ocean waves and a summer vacation can come to mind when you hear the name “El Zonte”, the small community in El Salvador known for its surf, beaches and widespread adoption of Bitcoin. “Forgotten” is the word that Enrique Berrios, the local and unique dentist in El Zonte, chooses to describe some of the people in his community.”

But the only local dentist to change this reality of El Zonte, which is the beach that led El Salvador to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. With support from the world community, he hopes to bring smiles to the region’s forgotten seniors.

One of the project’s supporters was the Snake, the owner of the website, the main reference of the community to study more about the project. According to him, US$ 10 thousand were donated to the cause, which would amount to R$ 52,000 for him alone.

“I am proud to say that I contributed $10,000 to this effort to help seniors in El Salvador obtain dental care. It’s time for the Bitcoin community to give back to El Salvador. Lets do this!”

How did all this start?

This social initiative in El Salvador involving Bitcoin started with the dentist inspired by the story of Adrian, a bricklayer who made a savings in cryptocurrency to put teeth in his mouth.

With the enhancement of Bitcoin, the construction worker can finally put their teeth and smile naturally, after a surgery that renewed their appearance and gave them a better quality of life.

Civil builder Adrian, who put teeth in his mouth after saving with Bitcoin
Civil builder Adrian, who put teeth in his mouth after saving with Bitcoin/reproduction

The company square crypto, which belongs to Jack Dorsey, also supported the Bitcoin-supported initiative to bring teeth to needy people, enabling people around the world to help build a better El Salvador. The companies Okcoin and Blockstream, linked to the cryptocurrency market, also helped.