Brazilian BitcoinToYou will give 60 Axie Infinity axies for free and NovaDAX will give Ethereum for free in a traders competition

The Brazilian BitcoinToYou Exchange announced that it will reward its users with around 60 axies of the Axie Infinity game. The virtual animals that will be offered by the exchange are part of a campaign celebrating the listing of AXS and SLP tokens, both native cryptocurrencies of the game.

BitcoinToYou axies will be offered through a partner system in which the exchange will give the opportunity for 20 users to participate in the game without having to make any investment.

The company will make all the initial investment for players to be able to battle in the game and, in addition, will give you training on the game and all its nuances. To participate in the promotion you don’t need to have any skill in the game, just sign up via the link here.

Recently the exchange also announced a partnership with Pes League Mobile (PLM), a platform that takes real football into the virtual world. Through this collaboration, the winners of PLM competitions will receive prizes in B2U Coin, BitcoinToYou token.


Also rewarding its users is NovaDAX, which announced the holding of an Ethereum (ETH) trading competition on its platform.

In it, the 10 users who carry out the highest volume of transactions with the currency will receive cash prizes and those interested in the competition must trade with the cryptocurrency until August 12th.

Traders will compete for up to R$1,000, out of a total of 2150 reais, and the prizes will be credited to the winners’ accounts within three business days after the end of the campaign.

On August 5th, Ethereum soared 10% due to a network update and crypto is quoted at US$2,739 (R$14,000), totaling an impressive 19.29% appreciation in just one week.

“Every week we launch a campaign with a new currency or one already listed on our platform and this time we choose Ethereum, which has been at a super high in the last few days. We are sure that the competition will shake the routine of our traders”, says César Trevisan, Head of Business Development at NovaDAX.

The action is part of Nova Friday, a weekly campaign carried out by NovaDAX that brings benefits and encourages all exchange customers to participate in promotional actions on the platform. New Friday includes trading competition, Airdrop, tax exemption, lotteries, among others.

ranking of prized values ​​- Ethereum trading competition:

  • 1st Place: BRL 1000 in ETH
  • 2nd Place: BRL 500 in ETH
  • 3rd Place: BRL 300 in ETH
  • 4th Place: BRL 100 in ETH
  • 5th Place: BRL 80 in ETH
  • 6th Place: BRL 60 in ETH
  • 7th Place: BRL 50 in ETH
  • 8th Place: BRL 30 in ETH
  • 9th Place: BRL 20 in ETH
  • 10th Place: BRL 10 in ETH


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