President of the Central Bank of Brazil has a meeting with the director of Binance

With the advance of the cryptomarket and the evolution of cryptocurrencies, it seems that the Brazilian authorities are not willing to be left behind. The president of the Central Bank of Brazil, Roberto Campos Neto, met, this Monday morning (16), with market leaders in an event closed to the press.

According to the Official Agenda of Authorities, Roberto Campos Neto met, by videoconference, with Brian Brooks and Jeremy Allaire, two extremely important names in the cryptocurrency market, so the meeting will definitely involve the future of digital currencies in Brazil.

Brooks is the president of Binance US, the arm of the largest brokerage in the world, and Allaire is the CEO of Circle, the company behind the USDC, the second largest stablecoin in the cryptomarket.

It is noteworthy here that although Brian Brooks is credited as chairman of Binance US and a participant in the meeting, he resigned from his position in early August. With that in mind he was likely replaced by someone of equal or even superior position, with the possibility that he was replaced by Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, but that’s just speculation.

Digital real?

The meeting was held via videoconference and was also attended by Cliff Sobel and Scott Sobel, co-founders of Valor Capital and Michael Nicklas, partner of the same company.

Unfortunately, the meeting was not open to the press and there is no official information about the content that was discussed and dealt with during the videoconference. However, it is possible to speculate from participants that the subject may have been a possible interest in cryptocurrencies by the government, perhaps even over stablecoins.

The Brazilian government has made it clear several times that it has great interest in developing the Real Digital, which is already in its initial stages by the Central Bank.

With the presence of the CEO of Circle, one of the companies with the greatest knowledge of stablecoins, it is easy to “gather the facts” and determine that perhaps the meeting had in its content questions about the impact of stablecoins, its operation and how projects of this caliber can be developed.

Binance’s role at the meeting may also be linked to Real Digital, considering the size of the brokerage. But it is worth noting that the meeting was held with the president of Binance US, which is the much more regulated arm of the exchange and which has a series of different rules to please the US authorities.

That is, the regulatory nature of the cryptomarket (based on US regulation) may also have been one of the Central Bank’s interests.

It remains to be seen whether the Central Bank will bring any news about the meeting and what this will change in Real Digital’s plans, but the event is certainly very important for the Brazilian digital currency sector.