Bitcoin is the 3rd preferred investment of Brazilians

A survey carried out by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation in partnership with a cryptoactive fund manager reveals that bitcoin is second only to stocks and private fixed income securities in the Brazilian investment ranking.

In general, cryptoactives are already part of the routine of 27.78% of Brazilian investors interviewed in the survey. The modality is more sought after than assets such as Tesouro Direto, commodities, foreign currencies and savings.


Even occupying the third place in the ranking of investments, cryptocurrencies do not necessarily represent the third investment in financial volume.

Bitcoin and cryptoactives are stronger among investors with more aggressive profiles, and among people with a degree in finance. That is, people who are used to the market and are more willing to take risks.

The survey also points out that although the cryptoactive market is growing, very little is known about the perception of Brazilians regarding this asset class.

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