Britney Spears used Bitcoin to hide purchases from her father, says website

Singer Britney Spears first used Bitcoin in 2014 in a case that has only just been revealed to the world. Since 2008, her father Jamie Spears was her financial tutor, taking care of the singer’s career as well. After involvement with drugs, Britney had this tutelage in a court order.

But last June 2021, she accused her father of abusing her guardianship, creating an internet wave of supporters.

The movement called Free Britney even had support from Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who posted a message on his Twitter in support of the singer. The billionaire is also a Bitcoin supporter.

Britney Spears used Bitcoin in 2014 for small purchases

The podcast β€œToxic: The Britney Spears Storyβ€œ, which follows the story of the singer from the United States who was very successful in the 2000s, revealed that she had to turn to Bitcoin to have more freedom in her life.

After gaining access to some material, the podcast revealed that the singer was using some applications on her cell phone to make small purchases over the internet.

These purchases used Bitcoin, a currency that her father, pointed out as abusive by the singer, had no control.

The new revelation shows that Bitcoin is a currency capable of giving freedom even in situations where people are being repressed to freely access their money in banks.

Publicly, singer Britney Spears never mentioned any involvement with Bitcoin, even to escape her father’s clutches. Last week, after strong international pressure, Jamie ended up delivering a document in the US court to stop being the singer’s legal guardian.

It is unclear, however, whether the singer should have a new guardian to manage her resources, with the decision likely to be made in court, with the singer’s father still interested in the position.

In June, Spears said in an interview that her parent’s guardianship was abusive and embarrassing as she was drugged and even barred from having children as she would have liked. She even stated that she just wanted her life back.

Last week, she posted on her Instagram that she doesn’t regret starting this campaign and that only half of what she’s been through has been revealed to the world so far.

Wow, look at that flag! I was like “My flag raised over the American flag!?!?” Yes… I’m blowing my own horn. This is bad? I know in my previous post I said that you guys know my situation, but LET ME CLARIFY, you only know half of it!! And for many of you who say I should be cautious with what I post, I mean, if you REALLY THINK about it, with what I went through I believe I was VERY CAREFUL! One day I will live on the edge! One dayβ€œ.