Dogepalooza: Dogecoin Community Music Festival wants Elon Musk as DJ

If Lollapalooza is a dull music event for you because you don’t have cryptocurrencies, don’t worry! O Dogepalooza is here to keep altcoin fans entertained. The community of one of the friendliest cryptos in the entire market is organizing an event which already has big names in music.

The community behind Dogecoin is known among market investors as one of the most active and organized. From helping different charities to funding Nascar teams, the Dogecoin community usually surprises with different events, this time it’s time to go to the music area, organizing a live music festival all inspired by the Dogecoin theme.

O Dogepalooza 2021 will take place on October 9th and will be held at the Constellation Field baseball stadium in Sugar Land, Texas. According to the event’s official website, there are big names involved in the presentations, but they only revealed three so as not to spoilers.

Among the confirmed guests are Damon Elliott, famous DJ, musician, composer and producer who has even won a Grammy. Another confirmed name is the Chloe Flower, pianist who combines classic style with hip-hop beat to create a great style aggressive and dynamic with the piano. Chloe has performed with names like Cadi B and is well known on the internet.

However, the name that draws the most attention is the singer Dionne Warwick, big hit since the 80s and that has songs with Elton John. With over 25 million albums sold in his career, Warwick is a music giant and it’s pretty impressive that the Dogecoin community managed to hire someone so influential for the event.

Elon Musk DJ

Whenever the subject is Dogecoin the name of Elon Musk is mentioned to know if the Dogefather will have some share in the community’s newest adventure. Interestingly, before Dogepalooza was conceived, someone suggested that Elon Musk should DJ at the event and Tesla CEO responded: “Sounds fun to me.”

However, there is no confirmation or even rumor that he can participate in Dogepalooza.

Dionne Warwick has previously shown a liking for Dogecoin, having posted an image of the cryptocurrency surrounded by her face.

It’s hard to know if Dogepalooza will make it to a major event and become an annual event, but if there’s one thing the history of the cryptomarket has proven is that we shouldn’t doubt the determination of the Doge community and the power of memes.