In the millionaire journey of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, waiting is the hardest part – Your Money

After years in this market, it is possible to understand some counterintuitive investor behaviors, caused by emotional lack of control.

The first of all and the most obvious to me today is that I like to buy expensive things that are going up.

The feeling of FOMO (fear of being left out) takes a large part of the money to be invested in moments of great euphoria.

Don’t think it’s just for us mere retail mortals. This is the biggest truth in the market.

I say this because Pantera Capital, a crypto fund for wealthier investors, concluded that 39% of the inflow of money happens when bitcoin is 500% deviated from its fair price.

This means that investors like to pay dearly.

Nobody likes to admit it, but that’s what the numbers say. Going against the herd is not easy.

I say from experience.

Throughout 2018, I was the ugly duckling in the circle of friends for investing, continuing to invest and working with crypto.

Silently I continued buying crypto and waiting for the moment when these same people, who gloated, would return asking about the matter.

As I expected, it was only a matter of time indeed.

Those who followed me steadfastly during the bear market were the ones who made the most money so far.

I had the pleasure of forming some millionaires on this journey and I think it’s just the beginning.

That’s why I decided to make this project more broadly and officially build a portfolio with five assets that have the chance to make investors millionaires.

The execution is very simple. Buy, follow project updates and wait.

And, counterintuitively, the step that seems easiest, the one to wait, is the hardest.

This is because, as Pantera Capital concluded, the average investor will prefer to buy more expensive in the euphoria.

But I sincerely hope you make it right by clicking here.