Twitter CEO reveals he is now Bitcoin miner

jack dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has always been a big supporter and supporter of Bitcoin. Recently, during a conversation, he revealed that he is also mining the digital currency, using a third-party company that maintains the necessary equipment for him to mine the cryptocurrency.

The revelation that Jack Dorsey mines Bitcoin came straight from Twitter, when he responded to another user who was talking about mining through the Compass Mining company, which offers a mining service by renting the equipment it owns.

User named Andrew reported his experience with mining through rented equipment, stating that he was able to pivot his business to mining through Compass Mining services.

Jack then replied “I’m trying to mine with Compass Mining too.”

jack dorsey

Jack is a very active CEO on his platform, he is always replying to other tweets, sometimes from people with little followers and random subjects. However, it’s no wonder that someone thinks this interaction between the two looks like propaganda, but nothing makes that clear.

In the end, it’s interesting to see that, first of all, Jack Dorsey also likes to be actively involved in the Bitcoin blockchain, after all, mining is responsible for helping the entire ecosystem, especially in network security.

The other interesting point is that Dorsey has decided to use a mining machinery rental service instead of buying and setting up his own farm, which he clearly has the money to do.

This means that the equipment rental service should be profitable or at least much simpler to start using than the direct creation of a personal farm.

The Tweet is extremely vague and doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. While some might speculate that Dorsey’s investment in Compass Mining may be some strategic partnership for the future of its cryptomarket companies (such as Square and Cash App).

But it could be that Jack is simply interested in mining Bitcoin personally, considering he has always had a lot of interest and participation in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In the end, Compass Mining must have been pretty happy with the situation, gaining a lot of exposure.