Wormhole: new protocol wants to unify BSC, Ethereum and Solana

Wormhole is a new protocol that promises to unify the biggest and most used blockchains, such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Solana.


The network’s mainnet was launched on Monday (9). It promises to facilitate communication between these blockchains and enable the transmission of assets, governance decisions and NFTs.

Wormhole was created to be generic and one of its advantages is the possibility of transmitting arbitrary data. This means that developers will be able to create their own applications on the protocol for various types of cross-chain operations.



The biggest motivation behind Wormhole is to bring different networks together and allow interaction between them. Over time and the creation of new blockchains after Bitcoin (BTC), such as Ethereum – which inaugurated the blockchain 2.0 era – and Cardano (ADA), technologies have incorporated new and distinct features, making them incompatible with each other.

According to Wormhole,

“With the emergence of a high number of high-end blockchains of different shapes and sizes, the interoperability between these isolated networks becomes increasingly important. Wormhole intends to solve this problem as a cross-chain messaging protocol”.

At the time of release, the protocol is only compatible with BSC, Ethereum, Solana and Terra. In the future, the expectation is to expand support to other blockchains.

Wormhole validation

System validation is done through the so-called “Guardians”. These nodes observe everything that happens in the connected blockchains and create tokens, which in turn are sent to the entire P2P network of Wormhole.

With this, anyone connected to the network can observe the flow of information. Certificates are validated when more than two-thirds of the guardians issue them. They are then made persistent and sent to the target blockchain, where they will be integrated according to application logic.

The protocol system was praised by Solana. On Twitter, the blockchain highlighted the importance of executing arbitrary code and stated that “the launch of Wormhole is further proof that the future is cross-chain”.

“The launch of Wormwhole is a strong sign that the future is cross-chain. It’s a new type of messaging protocol that can connect any blockchain through a verifiable network without intermediaries.”


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