Bitcoin and cryptocurrency broker Coinbase’s BDR starts trading on B3 on Monday

The Brazilian investor will have a new way to expose themselves to the global market of cryptocurrencies without leaving the B3. Share receipts (BDRs, in the acronym in English) of the Coinbase, one of the largest brokers in bitcoins and others digital coins, begin to be traded on the stock exchange from this Monday.

The papers will be traded with the code (C2OI34) and will be backed by the company’s shares on the US stock exchange Nasdaq, according to a press release from B3. THE Coinbase is rated today at approximately $55 billion (BRL 297 billion).

Investment in Coinbase is a way to indirectly expose yourself to the crypto market, since the actions (and the BDRs) should also fluctuate depending on the broker’s results. THE B3 also has four ETFs (index funds) in cryptocurrencies available for negotiation.

Coinbase shares and the IPO

In April of this year, Coinbase made its primary offering of shares (IPO, in English) and the company’s shares rose 70% in its debut. This optimism with one of the largest exchanges in the world made bitcoin (BTC) pack a high and reach historic highs, close to $65,000. Here’s what you need to know about Coinbase’s IPO.

Since the beginning of the negotiations, the papers COIN accumulated a drop of 21.39%. This Friday (20), Coinbase Global shares advance 3.77%, quoted at US$ 257.60.

China’s regulatory advance against mining of bitcoins made the papers of companies related to cryptocurrencies fall across the world. But the recovery of bitcoin today also motivates the rise of these assets. Check out how the Brazilian stock exchange crypto ETFs are doing today:

HASH11hashdex3.08%BRL 47.38
BIT11hashdex3.36%BRL 63.02
QBTC11QR Capital3.36%BRL 16.59
QETH11QR Capital3.38%BRL 12.85