Bitcoin Market announces listing of seven more cryptocurrencies in August, including MATIC, which has already risen more than 500%

The Mercado Bitcoin exchange, one of the largest cryptocurrency companies in Brazil, announced that it will list seven new cryptoactives on its platform starting August 25th.

All the currencies being listed were created within the ERC-20 standard, from the Ethereum network (ETH). Most of them are infrastructure cryptocurrencies. That is, those that provide infrastructure for the blockchain.

The others are decentralized finance cryptoactives (DeFI) which are applications within the blockchain that allow you to perform services similar to those of the traditional financial system.

The highlight is Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), which is a cryptocurrency with a market cap of over US$7 billion and which allows for Bitcoin (BTC) within the Ethereum network. As the backing of the WBTC is the BTC itself, the two currencies have the same value.

Already Polygon (MATIC) is a protocol that makes the Ethereum network more scalable. The cryptocurrency has already risen more than 500% this year.

In addition to these two, MB listing includes OMG Network (OMG), Band Protocol (BAND) infrastructure cryptocurrencies) and Ankr Network (ANKR). The other three are the DeFIs SuhiSwap (SUSHI) and Bancor (BNT).

“There is no better investment strategy than diversification. And that’s what the Bitcoin Market is trying to do, to give our customers more options to dive into this crypto world”, explains Bruno Milanello, new business executive at 2TM, the holding that controls MB and eight other companies.

After this package, the MB will continue to search for new assets for listing. As in other releases, the value of cryptocurrencies will be in reais within the MB platform.

“This August package, which is aimed at the Ethereum network, has some cryptocurrencies that bring intelligent solutions to this environment and that are attracting more and more investors.” stated.

Check out the altcoins that will be listed on the MB

Wrapped Bitcoin (WTC): is a tokenized version of Bitcoin (BTC) compatible with the Ethereum network. With this, it is possible to use DeFI resources of this network, such as loans, for example.

Polygon (MATIC): The cryptocurrency is used to pay transaction fees within the Polygon platform, which works as a parallel network to make Ethereum operations cheaper and more agile.

OMG Network (OMG): It is a cryptocurrency that follows MATIC’s line of making Ethereum more scalable. The platform solves Ethereum’s slowness problem, allowing thousands of transactions per second, which also lowers the cost to operate within the network.

SushuiSwap (SUSHI): SUSHI, created about a year ago, is SushiSwap’s cryptocurrency, a decentralized exchange of cryptoactives. With the token, it is possible to perform operations within the platform.

Band Protocol (BAND): It’s an Oracle platform that bridges the Ethereum blockchain and data outside that network.

Ankr Network (ANKR): The cryptocurrency gives access to functionality of the Ankr Network, such as staking, which allows voting on projects, or API services, which are used to connect two programs. ANKR even allows you to participate in the governance of the network.

Bank (BNT): Another project linked to decentralized exchanges. That is, it allows exchanges of cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.


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